Friday, 29 November 2013

Turkish I Spit on Your Grave

For fucks sake, im seriously having my doubts that brad will be funny again. It's just sad at this point, he continues to pump out bad reviews and at this rate he will be in the dumps. Take a good look at his comments on each video, recently they have only been around 30 and that's pretty low. Also typically when the review is bad people tend to not comment because if you can't say anything good then do say anything at all. Anyway time to pick at the review, he stupidly references my baby is black and says "why do people keep wanting to eat each other". I really hate that reference because the face he made was a rape face and not looking like he wants to eat here, see the my baby is black post for more and the image below speaks for itself.
He makes a fail joke saying hey look it's Julian Assange even though it looks nothing like him and it wasn't funny, what no jokes about the current Turkish government. Now that would have been hilarious as when the woman got raped he could have said the real reason why the PKK are fighting in turkey, see commentary on real life events = funny but no Obama Care jokes as that's just wrong and by the way Fox News is Evil...... why because they're Republican that's why. Overall the video is very very dull with no funny jokes and is a terrible review, brad also continuously shows black boxed sex scenes probably trying to appeal to the 12 year old demographics. He then says "what not done jerking off" because he knows what he's doing in his videos...... sick depraved fuck.

Muther fucking Chiang Kai Shek bitches, I'll get on the rest of the year in review sooner or later not that anyone cares.

Brad says in the video that he would have reviewed BC but some guy down the street did it first, I really hate when he does this. He is trying to promote his own "inverse" as you have 3 people living in the same block who look the same. The Cinema Snob or Craig..... ah fuck you, stop doing that. Nobody cares about the the cinema snob movie or TGWTG's shitty story lines, we just want to watch funny videos without any of that baggage so never bring this "craig" up again...... ever. Also 80's Dan and Brad Jones as he likes to think he lives in his own little world like Linkara.

Video Link

DVD-R Hell: "B.C.: The First Thanksgiving"
It was ok, not much to see here.

Snob Riffs! "A Day of Thanksgiving"
He says dick so many times I lost count, repeating it over and over isn't funny brad just repetitive. The video had some funny jokes but was overall boring and it sucked.


  1. I actually have that My Baby is Black movie on DVD, it's pretty weird, though no more weird than than the movie they side it with that has the French showing a truly twisted view of the Southern part of the US.

  2. It's sad that Paul Walker just died in a car crash/explosion, so sad and so unexpected. RIP Paul Walker, riding that super charged sports car through heaven now.

  3. Really fucking hate that prick, another chance to prove my innocence with him and he blows me off. Asshole, major Asshole, sometimes I just can't stand him. I know I didn't send those death threats and yet he seems to want to continue making it out that I did. Fucking asshole, fascist makes up shit and makes me look like shit.

    1. Sorry about the long reply, been out of the loop for a week. I did notice brads comment mentioning you on his site and he said that your comments will be automatically deleted. He's really an asshole, always with the snarky, witty smart ass remarks. I don't understand why he always does that or was he born a dickhead.

      It's really sad that he did that as I don't recall him before ever saying that he would delete your comments if you ever posted because last time you posted he didn't remove them. He really does think you sent him the threats even though it could be easily forged.