Monday, 25 November 2013

The Cinema Snob: A Year in Review

Yes it has been one year since I started the blog all that time ago, has time flown by. I would just like to thank all 43 thousand of you guys who visited this blog and have read through my posts, I know people read them but may not comment to share their own views. For all of you who don't know I don't hate the Cinema Snob, I just have problems with him when his video's aren't entertaining. Im not just hating for no reason as they are actually not funny but sometimes he can be, the main thing is that at least he puts out a video out weekly plus extras which is more than I can say about that other guy.

I do say they are good when they are but that's not the thing with everybody else, everyone in the comments section on his site act like every review is hilarious even when they aren't. Im at least giving you a real opinion while they are fake but fanboys will be fanboys. I may insult brad from time to time but im not serious, I only use it for comedy and as an act. Brad himself knows that and we have talked on YouTube a few times, he also checks the blog every now and then to see what im saying. I have mentioned this before but I just think it's good for you guys to know this info.

Below I will list the Cinema Snob Episodes and I will give them a Good, Bad or Ok rating to sum up my thoughts.

Son of Sleepaway Camp: OK
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Bad
42nd Street Forever, Volume 1: Bad
Crackerjack: Ok
I Spit on Your Grave (Part 1): Bad
E~3: The Extra Testicle: Good
Water Power: Ok
Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS: Bad
My Baby Is Black!: Bad
Souperman: Good
Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks: Bad
Shock! Shock! Shock!: Bad
Robot Jox: Bad
Dogs: Bad
Friday the 13th: Bad
Gayracula: Bad
Basket Case: Bad

So in total we have:
Good: 10
Ok: 7
Bad: 22

You see what I mean, that alone shows how much the quality of Brad's videos have dropped. I really hope he gets better as I do want to laugh at his videos, maybe it's got to do with him pumping one out a week but who knows. He has also his hands full with his new movie and alot more so he probably doesn't have all the time in the world to make sure that his videos are perfect so I understand. I'll fill in more on this article in the coming days, I'll post pics of what I have found out and pics of me and brad talking so you can have evidence that I don't hate him and that he understands that.

I would have posted this yesterday but the Google Blogger wouldn't post it giving me an error every time I tried, that has happened many times before when posting blog posts. Google should really get things in order and fix these problems.

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