Saturday, 2 November 2013

Little Red Riding Hood and the Monsters

Lame, why does brad act like has has this "piece of WHAT THE FUCK" segment on his show. He said the same before with Wazzie Woodle Woo and now he's doing it again, anyway this video sucks. He tries to use the video itself as entertainment but even that fails, his jokes are also uninspired and boring.... can't he even be funny anymore. It was also too long rounding up to be 27 minutes which is far too much for me especially when you can't keep people interested in the video but who cares about that as everyone in the comments section eats it up like they are gobbling on the end of brads wart ridden dick.

Brad uses stupid shit like this like hey look at all this silly bat shit crazy stuff so come watch my video, this isn't even shot on shitteo or anything what we want him to do. He says to the skunk peg him...... so what he likes skunk fucking but no dogs fucking, your stupid brad. The village people drink from the water and turn into monkeys but Brad fails to reference Garth Marenghi's Darkplace where people turn into Gorillas in a similar circumstance. The children are getting chased by some guy and brad says im gonna fucking kill you but it would have been funny to have said im gonna fucking rape you but no because brad can't say stuff like that because he's a democrat who can't make proper jokes. Overall this video sucks, it's boring and brad's jokes suck bubbles out of your ass. Well for all the bad things I said there was one joke that I laughed at, he mentions the woman with fear in her eyes in ET keep up the lust and says..... well she could have been fucking this thing.

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DVD-R Hell: "Pagan Invasion: Halloween, Trick or Treat?" (Part 2)
Well this video was bad, snores and stop mentioning Dyanne Thorne...... unless your into granny porn snob. I'll just take that as a yes as before you said you'd fuck Dyanne Thorne even if she was wearing the skin of your grandmother. People in the comments section also mentioned that brad was doing a new 80's Dan episode but due to problems he just did a snob episode instead so expect to see a new 80's Dan episode sooner or later. Brad also mentions that he doesn't provide candy for kids at Halloween and that they egg his house for it, well you deserve it brad and who doesn't give out candy at Halloween you cheap bastard. Brad also showed us a pic of his Halloween party so umm yay.


  1. If I was a kid, Brad's house would be the last one I would be going to anyway. Yeah a disturbing Mexican kids movie (is there any other kind), that is about as disturbing as that Santa Claus one that MST3K took down.

    1. Children walk up to his door and realise he's one of these guys.

  2. Parents check for a monitering bracelet probably.