Sunday, 17 November 2013

Don't Go in the Woods...Alone!

One funny joke...... one fucking funny joke. I mean seriously it doesn't get any worse than this, this is one trashy piece of shit review. Brad has many fail attempts at comedy and you'll see why when you watch the video for itself. He makes a stupid reference to the Walking dead about take off that hat and if you watch the walking dead like me you'll understand it, it's like he saw what's trending on the internet and was like oh yea take off the hat gotta add that joke in. It's not even funny just sad, does he even watch the walking dead because he took off the hat a while ago so that jokes pretty old. Brad shows a random clip of childrens programming and yea I don't have a clue what it is but then again it still wasn't funny just a stupid reference, you have to use a reference in a joke dumb ass and not just show clip. He references the geek for some reason just if you wanted to know in this review, brad could have referenced Troll 2 in the video but failed to do so as it could have been so easy. Someone gets a spear thrown at them like troll 2 and he could have spliced in clips or at least referenced it and that would have been funny but guess what he didn't. Another fail joke, the villain or whatever shoots real loud in the movie and brad says that the sound editor was so happy he ejaculated. I mean come on that's not even remotely funny, what didn't he just say jerk off or wacked off or he shit himself. Now that would have been funny, it's really sad because there has been only 30 comments last time I checked this video on the site and that's pretty low. This usually happens when the video is bad but people don't want to say that so they don't bother commenting.
Anyhow the one funny joke, a guy in the movie repeats his dialogue and brad says is there any more hidden gems in this movie. Yea I laughed at that because it was funny but that's all, any other part of the review is worthless. It's boring and uninteresting, makes me want to say sorry to Spoony One...... actually it doesn't. That spoontard bastard had it coming, anyhow I enjoyed my badly written blog post...... the END.

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  1. Apparently, Best Man's Holiday is in league with Showgirls, Battlefield Earth and The Happening for Brad Jones' so bad it's funny. Though honestly, it looked like a Tyler Perry movie from it's previews.

    1. Don't really have a clue what your talking about but I wouldn't say that Battlefield Earth is so bad it's funny. I actually like the film, it has some problems but they don't stop you from enjoying the movie. Everyone tend to overreact because it's connected to Scientology which instantly = EVIL!....... right. Alot of people need to grow up including brad as he attacks Scientology every chance he gets.

    2. Sorry that was me talking in reference to a Midnight Screening I watched.

    3. Yea I guessed that, I rarely watch midnight screenings. Saw only a few this year alone.