Saturday, 23 November 2013

Basket Case

At this point it's just sad, I never laughed once in this video. I just sat there with an emotionless stare on my face and let off a deep sigh when the video finally ended, also didn't James Rolfe already do this. I don't mean nobody else can't but he did it better and actually talked about the movie using his own opinion and not a character. The female in the movie makes an odd noise, brad then sticks his dirty feet at the screen and say's "that's what noise she makes when you nibble her toes" (Not Funny) and god did I not want to see his feet. What has it been years, you'd think he wants Quentin Tarantino to take notice and cast him in one of his movies to show off his feet. How many times do I have to mention Quentin Tarantino and feet, damn that guys weird.
Just look at his face, he's enjoying you look at them Quentin
Cinema snob does reference Freaked one of my favourite movies so I have to give him that, noticed the movie on his wishlist months ago and guessed that he has saw the movie. If you haven't saw the movie then  do so because if you don't I'll force you to watch dude where's my car (A better movie) clockwork orange style. He mentions that half the film crew left in protest when they did the scene where the blobby twin kills the nude woman, he says "why did you leave what kind of film did you think you were making". I tend to disagree as having something like that kill a nude woman is really uncomfortable to film so he should understand why they left. It's not like regular nudity in films as it's totally different. Overall the review is dry and stale, no jokes to laugh at. Anyhow stayed tuned for Cinema Snob a year in review tomorrow.
Cross-eyed Snob, he does look like an idiot in this pic
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In other news
A guy in the comments section said another slasher review and that he finds them repetitive, he also said that he forgot all the plot and jokes and that he misses the old days of Cinema Snob. I feel your pain brother, these transgressions have gone on long enough. I really want Brad to review more shot on shitteo movies and not well known slasher films.
Brad mentioned in this video about the new site update and that people have been having problems with the current one. The new one looks good rather than the noise filter has has currently for the background, brad also mentions that he plans to do more 80's Dan and the Reviewers but I thought that was only for that stupid event TGWTG's did earlier this year. Well I'll watch that when it's done, it seems that brad has alot on his plate at the moment.


  1. You certainly put a lot of work into this, don't you?

    1. Well yea I guess I do but sometimes I get kinda lazy and don't write much. I just want to share my thoughts on Brad's episodes and what I think about them, he has had a bad run this year.

    2. Typical, when someone states a problem, that David fanboy guy jumps on them.

    3. Yea that guy was an ass and brad has done a string of slasher movies this year just to rack in the views. Friday the 13th and Halloween isn't the kind of movies you expect to see on there.