Friday, 29 November 2013

Turkish I Spit on Your Grave

For fucks sake, im seriously having my doubts that brad will be funny again. It's just sad at this point, he continues to pump out bad reviews and at this rate he will be in the dumps. Take a good look at his comments on each video, recently they have only been around 30 and that's pretty low. Also typically when the review is bad people tend to not comment because if you can't say anything good then do say anything at all. Anyway time to pick at the review, he stupidly references my baby is black and says "why do people keep wanting to eat each other". I really hate that reference because the face he made was a rape face and not looking like he wants to eat here, see the my baby is black post for more and the image below speaks for itself.
He makes a fail joke saying hey look it's Julian Assange even though it looks nothing like him and it wasn't funny, what no jokes about the current Turkish government. Now that would have been hilarious as when the woman got raped he could have said the real reason why the PKK are fighting in turkey, see commentary on real life events = funny but no Obama Care jokes as that's just wrong and by the way Fox News is Evil...... why because they're Republican that's why. Overall the video is very very dull with no funny jokes and is a terrible review, brad also continuously shows black boxed sex scenes probably trying to appeal to the 12 year old demographics. He then says "what not done jerking off" because he knows what he's doing in his videos...... sick depraved fuck.

Muther fucking Chiang Kai Shek bitches, I'll get on the rest of the year in review sooner or later not that anyone cares.

Brad says in the video that he would have reviewed BC but some guy down the street did it first, I really hate when he does this. He is trying to promote his own "inverse" as you have 3 people living in the same block who look the same. The Cinema Snob or Craig..... ah fuck you, stop doing that. Nobody cares about the the cinema snob movie or TGWTG's shitty story lines, we just want to watch funny videos without any of that baggage so never bring this "craig" up again...... ever. Also 80's Dan and Brad Jones as he likes to think he lives in his own little world like Linkara.

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DVD-R Hell: "B.C.: The First Thanksgiving"
It was ok, not much to see here.

Snob Riffs! "A Day of Thanksgiving"
He says dick so many times I lost count, repeating it over and over isn't funny brad just repetitive. The video had some funny jokes but was overall boring and it sucked.

Monday, 25 November 2013

The Cinema Snob: A Year in Review

Yes it has been one year since I started the blog all that time ago, has time flown by. I would just like to thank all 43 thousand of you guys who visited this blog and have read through my posts, I know people read them but may not comment to share their own views. For all of you who don't know I don't hate the Cinema Snob, I just have problems with him when his video's aren't entertaining. Im not just hating for no reason as they are actually not funny but sometimes he can be, the main thing is that at least he puts out a video out weekly plus extras which is more than I can say about that other guy.

I do say they are good when they are but that's not the thing with everybody else, everyone in the comments section on his site act like every review is hilarious even when they aren't. Im at least giving you a real opinion while they are fake but fanboys will be fanboys. I may insult brad from time to time but im not serious, I only use it for comedy and as an act. Brad himself knows that and we have talked on YouTube a few times, he also checks the blog every now and then to see what im saying. I have mentioned this before but I just think it's good for you guys to know this info.

Below I will list the Cinema Snob Episodes and I will give them a Good, Bad or Ok rating to sum up my thoughts.

Son of Sleepaway Camp: OK
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Bad
42nd Street Forever, Volume 1: Bad
Crackerjack: Ok
I Spit on Your Grave (Part 1): Bad
E~3: The Extra Testicle: Good
Water Power: Ok
Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS: Bad
My Baby Is Black!: Bad
Souperman: Good
Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks: Bad
Shock! Shock! Shock!: Bad
Robot Jox: Bad
Dogs: Bad
Friday the 13th: Bad
Gayracula: Bad
Basket Case: Bad

So in total we have:
Good: 10
Ok: 7
Bad: 22

You see what I mean, that alone shows how much the quality of Brad's videos have dropped. I really hope he gets better as I do want to laugh at his videos, maybe it's got to do with him pumping one out a week but who knows. He has also his hands full with his new movie and alot more so he probably doesn't have all the time in the world to make sure that his videos are perfect so I understand. I'll fill in more on this article in the coming days, I'll post pics of what I have found out and pics of me and brad talking so you can have evidence that I don't hate him and that he understands that.

I would have posted this yesterday but the Google Blogger wouldn't post it giving me an error every time I tried, that has happened many times before when posting blog posts. Google should really get things in order and fix these problems.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Basket Case

At this point it's just sad, I never laughed once in this video. I just sat there with an emotionless stare on my face and let off a deep sigh when the video finally ended, also didn't James Rolfe already do this. I don't mean nobody else can't but he did it better and actually talked about the movie using his own opinion and not a character. The female in the movie makes an odd noise, brad then sticks his dirty feet at the screen and say's "that's what noise she makes when you nibble her toes" (Not Funny) and god did I not want to see his feet. What has it been years, you'd think he wants Quentin Tarantino to take notice and cast him in one of his movies to show off his feet. How many times do I have to mention Quentin Tarantino and feet, damn that guys weird.
Just look at his face, he's enjoying you look at them Quentin
Cinema snob does reference Freaked one of my favourite movies so I have to give him that, noticed the movie on his wishlist months ago and guessed that he has saw the movie. If you haven't saw the movie then  do so because if you don't I'll force you to watch dude where's my car (A better movie) clockwork orange style. He mentions that half the film crew left in protest when they did the scene where the blobby twin kills the nude woman, he says "why did you leave what kind of film did you think you were making". I tend to disagree as having something like that kill a nude woman is really uncomfortable to film so he should understand why they left. It's not like regular nudity in films as it's totally different. Overall the review is dry and stale, no jokes to laugh at. Anyhow stayed tuned for Cinema Snob a year in review tomorrow.
Cross-eyed Snob, he does look like an idiot in this pic
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In other news
A guy in the comments section said another slasher review and that he finds them repetitive, he also said that he forgot all the plot and jokes and that he misses the old days of Cinema Snob. I feel your pain brother, these transgressions have gone on long enough. I really want Brad to review more shot on shitteo movies and not well known slasher films.
Brad mentioned in this video about the new site update and that people have been having problems with the current one. The new one looks good rather than the noise filter has has currently for the background, brad also mentions that he plans to do more 80's Dan and the Reviewers but I thought that was only for that stupid event TGWTG's did earlier this year. Well I'll watch that when it's done, it seems that brad has alot on his plate at the moment.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Don't Go in the Woods...Alone!

One funny joke...... one fucking funny joke. I mean seriously it doesn't get any worse than this, this is one trashy piece of shit review. Brad has many fail attempts at comedy and you'll see why when you watch the video for itself. He makes a stupid reference to the Walking dead about take off that hat and if you watch the walking dead like me you'll understand it, it's like he saw what's trending on the internet and was like oh yea take off the hat gotta add that joke in. It's not even funny just sad, does he even watch the walking dead because he took off the hat a while ago so that jokes pretty old. Brad shows a random clip of childrens programming and yea I don't have a clue what it is but then again it still wasn't funny just a stupid reference, you have to use a reference in a joke dumb ass and not just show clip. He references the geek for some reason just if you wanted to know in this review, brad could have referenced Troll 2 in the video but failed to do so as it could have been so easy. Someone gets a spear thrown at them like troll 2 and he could have spliced in clips or at least referenced it and that would have been funny but guess what he didn't. Another fail joke, the villain or whatever shoots real loud in the movie and brad says that the sound editor was so happy he ejaculated. I mean come on that's not even remotely funny, what didn't he just say jerk off or wacked off or he shit himself. Now that would have been funny, it's really sad because there has been only 30 comments last time I checked this video on the site and that's pretty low. This usually happens when the video is bad but people don't want to say that so they don't bother commenting.
Anyhow the one funny joke, a guy in the movie repeats his dialogue and brad says is there any more hidden gems in this movie. Yea I laughed at that because it was funny but that's all, any other part of the review is worthless. It's boring and uninteresting, makes me want to say sorry to Spoony One...... actually it doesn't. That spoontard bastard had it coming, anyhow I enjoyed my badly written blog post...... the END.

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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Pussy Talk 2

Seriously, I mean really....... another one of these movies so I guess it's a thing now. Brad starts off the movies and starts saying  there's a guy who does Reb Brown movies (Guessing Spoony One), there's someone who does this and that and then say's well I guess im the guy who reviews movies about talking vaginas. Brad has done movies like this before and he linked them in the video description, I did watch them fully but as you probably guessed I didn't like the reviews. I don't remember anything past that as I only watched the first 4 minutes of the video because it was so boring, anyway I don't need to say any more because it sucks.

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In other news
Horrible 80's Dan fan art I found on twitter, gives me nightmares just looking at it. I also forgot to mention last time that 80's Dan appeared in the review and why did he do that, well I guess to let you know he's returning.

FX Hell Halloween Special
Yea I know not cinema snob but it's on his site and I did watch it so I'll comment a little on it, Mister X talks about the movie for a bit then shows clips to let you know what he means and does that multiple times throughout the video which is the bulk of things. I don't like his style of reviewing, in the end he calls it a comprehensive look at the movie even though he barley talked about the film. You'll understand what I mean if you watch it.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Little Red Riding Hood and the Monsters

Lame, why does brad act like has has this "piece of WHAT THE FUCK" segment on his show. He said the same before with Wazzie Woodle Woo and now he's doing it again, anyway this video sucks. He tries to use the video itself as entertainment but even that fails, his jokes are also uninspired and boring.... can't he even be funny anymore. It was also too long rounding up to be 27 minutes which is far too much for me especially when you can't keep people interested in the video but who cares about that as everyone in the comments section eats it up like they are gobbling on the end of brads wart ridden dick.

Brad uses stupid shit like this like hey look at all this silly bat shit crazy stuff so come watch my video, this isn't even shot on shitteo or anything what we want him to do. He says to the skunk peg him...... so what he likes skunk fucking but no dogs fucking, your stupid brad. The village people drink from the water and turn into monkeys but Brad fails to reference Garth Marenghi's Darkplace where people turn into Gorillas in a similar circumstance. The children are getting chased by some guy and brad says im gonna fucking kill you but it would have been funny to have said im gonna fucking rape you but no because brad can't say stuff like that because he's a democrat who can't make proper jokes. Overall this video sucks, it's boring and brad's jokes suck bubbles out of your ass. Well for all the bad things I said there was one joke that I laughed at, he mentions the woman with fear in her eyes in ET keep up the lust and says..... well she could have been fucking this thing.

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DVD-R Hell: "Pagan Invasion: Halloween, Trick or Treat?" (Part 2)
Well this video was bad, snores and stop mentioning Dyanne Thorne...... unless your into granny porn snob. I'll just take that as a yes as before you said you'd fuck Dyanne Thorne even if she was wearing the skin of your grandmother. People in the comments section also mentioned that brad was doing a new 80's Dan episode but due to problems he just did a snob episode instead so expect to see a new 80's Dan episode sooner or later. Brad also mentions that he doesn't provide candy for kids at Halloween and that they egg his house for it, well you deserve it brad and who doesn't give out candy at Halloween you cheap bastard. Brad also showed us a pic of his Halloween party so umm yay.