Sunday, 13 October 2013


A really funny review from the Cinema Snob this time around, he makes tons of references in this video and they are funny. Most notable are the references to Man of Steel, Prometheus and The Thing prequel, I guess he just wanted to let us know again that he doesn't like those movies. I don't get why he doesn't like Prometheus as I thought it was awesome, the only problem I had with the movie was that they changed the design of the Engineers. When the dad and son were playing brad could have added in the "lets go play ball" clip from the Phantom Menace as that would have been funny but we did get a yippee.

Overall the video is great and has mostly no problems, he keeps making references every two seconds which can be annoying but most of them were funny. Personally liked the Shakes the clown, star wars and E.T. Porno references plus alot more. It was really funny when brad imitated British voices and said silly stuff. Brad say's the ending was Xtro cheesy...... get it. He also say's "what the hell is an Xtro anyway" but I know what a Xtro really is...... this guy below.

Also brad mentioned on his twitter that his laptop broke and that he had to get a new one, that really sucks. He then did the review in one day which is something I can't say for this idiot.

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  1. Chris here again, I commented on one of his movie reviews/midnight screenings for Machete Kills and I have to love his fans jumping on to me about his hating of really pretty much everything this year. They say it's because this a bad year for movies, ha, I really love that. One commented on how much these type of homage movies don't work and stuff and then I mentioned how he should take heed of that with his Shot on Shiteo movie. Laughably, they said it was a completely different thing from these types of movies, I have to laugh at that, it's a different thing? It looks like a homage/Grindhouse type of thing.

    Anyway, yes I'm not surprised Brad Jones hated Machete Kills, he's pretty much on a good old hating streak.

    As far as him mentioning movies he's hated in a review, he's done that for a long time, I remember Crackerjack he mentioned how much a better Die Hard movie it was, because he hated Die Hard 5. Got to remind people that he hated that movie, and Cabin Fever and Eli Roth. It gets annoying but hey, it's his opinion.

    1. Sorry for the late reply but the blogger comments wouldn't load and was just blank, google needs to get this stuff sorted out. Anyhow nice to see you on here again, never let the fanboys get you down. I understand what you mean when you mentioned Shot on Shitteo, I mentioned before and I'll mention it again.

      What brad is trying to do is similar to Quentin Tarantino's grind house in which your taking someone else's style and not making your own which can be bad or possibly good. They say it's different but they're similar as they are just avoiding your questions, brad is on a hate parade as usual with internet critics. In the Xtro video he namedropped a ton of movies he didn't like and I quote.

      "Most notable are the references to Man of Steel, Prometheus and The Thing prequel, I guess he just wanted to let us know again that he doesn't like those movies."

    2. I know what you mean about Spoony, his last SWAT play through was pretty horrendous, I mean come on Spoony, don't do that Live Stream stuff again.

      This weeks Midnight Screenings featured a score of comments on how pissed off Dave was during the Carrie remake screening. Apparently, he's taken Angry Jake's stance of being pissed off at movies a lot. Some of the comments stated it wasn't really funny or comedic, but most of the fanboys quieted them before they started anything.

      Dave for the record spent most of the review sulking and cussing out Stephen King and Brad while he just sat there and smoked while Jilian at least talked about it's pros and cons, Dave spent most of the review doing a Spoony-lite rant about how much it sucked.

      Again the people on the boards always state how horrible the movie season is this year and I have to laugh.

    3. I mean the phrase to associate most with Spoony's recent SWAT play through was Dead Air. That sums it up, Spoony really needs to get things straight before he throws another Dead Air Let's Play out there.

    4. Yea from what I heard it was pretty bad, I think he reposted something off twitch tv as that could have been why it was dry. He was done a bunch of live stream stuff that not much people watch, people on cinema snob site are probably people that only like old movies like I spit on your grave. That's just sad though as not all movies released recently are bad, they just probably tend to over exaggerate. I don't really watch the midnight screenings or look at the comments most of the time as they don't interest me, last one I watched was Pacific Rim and you can find my thoughts about brads thoughts and others on the Robot Jox post.

    5. His fans are quite different than him, he liked that Nightmare on elm street remake for instance, which I think was a rare occurrence for him. I can't say I liked it myself, I really didn't.

    6. Yeah, I realize his Pacific Rim review was such a gag fest of glowering over a movie that wasn't Battleship or Transformers. Apparently he hated both those movies so much, he and spoony went on a tirade on the third one. It was pretty sad, nitpicking and also getting angry at the audience for clapping at the end of the screening. It was hysterical.

    7. He sucked on Guillermo del Toro's slippery dick for that movie, I mean the movie is good but not that good. He treated it like it was the best movie ever made, people also over exaggerate how bad the transformers movies are. The first one is actually good, second bad and third one good but not as much as the first. It's just sad to pick at it so much because who really cares.

      It's like trolling on call of duty, I mean who cares.

    8. Brad, had said he hated the as he called it Douchebag humor that the movies had.
      Anyway, this weeks episode for Cinema Snob's going to sting as he takes on Halloween the orignal, why does he take on well know franchises, we all know Halloween.

      By the way, I thought he liked Promtheus, I mean he got a lot flack for liking it, but he did. I guess he changed his mind, Man of Steel I didn't exactly understand his reasoning on.

      I mean he complained about how dour the movie was, and then how apparently at one point the product placement took him out of the movie. Which is bizarre considering how much product placement Superman II had. And he claims to like that one.

      Then again I wasn't in agreement with him when he said Amazing Spider-Man was the better Spider-Man than the one we got in 2002 and raked Tobey Maguire over the coals. Him and Spoony both seem to like Garfield Spider-Man better for some reason, don't know exactly why.

    9. Movies like that can be funny so they're not always bad, hey I like dude where's my car as that's hilarious. Alot of people say it's not but it actually is, anyway this weeks snob episode was very bad. It wasn't funny at all, he shouldn't review big movies as we come here for shot on shitteo and the like not classic slasher movies.

      I'll type up the blog post on that tomorrow as I usually do after a few days and write from what left an impact on me. I never watched his Promtheus midnight screening but I really liked the movie, everyone got their panties in a bunch over nothing. Everyone had a nerd rage at man of steel but they overreacted as it's ok as in 4/5 out of 10.

      I hated that new spider man movie, it was terrible. I don't understand how they like it, oh yea and that goes over how he becomes spider man like man of steel but I thought everyone hates it like that because we have heard it already. Double standards anyone.

    10. And then there was that Dredd movie which he gushed all over last year, he attacked many a critic for having a negative opinion of the movie. The funny thing is that he spent half the time on the site actually advertising for the movie, he kept saying people needed to go see the movie now! It bombed anyway and most of his telling people to go see it didn't work. I mean the only people who probably listened and went to go see it was his fanboys. Then he was in denial when I stated to him how the movie had bombed out and there wasn't going to be a sequel. He retorted about how it would find an audience on home video or something, and how it's going to be a cult classic in the future. I have to laugh.

    11. Dear lord was that Dredd movie a piece of shit, the movie honestly does suck as only fanboys who want him to not take of his helmet like it as if that's the only thing that makes Judge Dredd Judge Dredd. The other one is better by far as that's not only in an apartment block, plus it has star power and good special effects.

      His fanboys are fanatical zealots bleeding their asses dry for their saviour, also got any pics of him being in denial as that would show him that he's an idiot. I also did the Halloween post and have I got something to say.

    12. Yeah, I mean I'm not totally hating on Dredd, it's ok for a brainless piece of shit DTV looking movie. Stallone's was well at least looked like it had money thrown at it. Urban's was shot in the homeplace for a lot of DTV action movies, South Africa. Usually that and Romania are warning signs that the movie are going to be cheap.

      But it's insane how many people on there like Urban's 95 minute drug bust as I've heard one Youtube reviewer call it. Then they are so surprised it bombed out the same week as that Jennifer Lawrence horror movie and End of Watch.

      I mean seriously, Lionsgate isn't known for box office success, the only two movie series that have done reasonably well with them were Hunger Games , Expendables and Saw. Otherwise most of Lionsgates released in theaters movies bomb or don't make a lot of money.

      And somehow on Wikipedia they say this movie is becoming a cult movie, a cult movie takes a long time to form, years in fact. I loved when he got mad at me for saying it copied The Raid and they all corrected me to say it was done before the Raid and it's like big deal.