Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Jack the Ripper Goes West

We got deadwood, simpsons and last orgy of the ss references but also references to his own shitty films. Brad is creeping me out in this review as the child walks in on a dead body and brad says that he should man up and drop his balls, what he meant by that was fuck the dead body. I don't know why he said that was it was very out of place and not funny at all, it's disgusting of him to even say that especially when he wanted the child to do it. There is something serious wrong with brad but he did watch Nekromantik so I guess he'll wack off to anything.
After the faggotness of last week this was better but the video overall is average, there was some funny stuff but not alot. He overused the child's horrible scream too much as it wasn't funny after the second time, over milking jokes isn't funny brad you should know that. Brad says that the guy who deals with dead bodies does it for an erection (Again making a necrophilia joke) but doesn't make a reference to the movie Pathology in which that happens. People fuck dead bodies and that's probably the only reason why people watched it....... why the hell did I watch that movie it sucks so badly. Brad also fails to reference airplane when a man is topless with a child but I guess that one is too easy.
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In other news
Brad appears in a black hole of board games video and a video with Doug Walker..... umm yay.


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