Monday, 28 October 2013


It's nearing Halloween and brad did Halloween for Halloween........ oh oh I see now. Sigh, did he really have to review a well known classic slasher movie. I mean he didn't have to but I guess he wanted more view, sadly though he say's in the video he didn't do it for the views as he if he wanted to he would have done another film I can't remember the name of. Can't be bothered to load up the video and find out what it was, think it had 3D in the title but who knows.

Anyway this review sucks badly, he fails to make jokes even though he is reviewing a classic slasher movie and it's greatness should reflect the review but that's not what we get here. We get a 24 minute flat dull uninteresting video, heck watching the clips of the movie is more entertaining than the video itself as if there's any entertainment value in this review whatsoever. I didn't even laugh once in this review and laughing or being entertained at the movie he reviews doesn't count. He makes shitty references to season of the witch and other sholck I don't care about, hey remember that 80's Dan episode where they review season of the witch...... just wanted to remind you that 80's Dan exists. 
Brad does this stupid dear cinema snob thing again and the stupid cunt can't even spell fantastic right and his defence was blame the guy who wrote it....... well sorry to say brad but it was you who wrote it you stupid fucking retard.
Someone in the comments section said that the dear cinema snob thing is more irritating than it is funny and I agree. He then said that they are self conscious pre-emptive strikes against what a viewer might say against one of these reviews are a bit tired and yes again, back in the I spit on your grave review you might notice that brad did the same there and you know how annoyed I got about that. I just shows that he can't accept criticism and is afraid of it as when someone does he strikes out against them even though they are just giving their opinion. This just shows what he takes his fans for and how big of a dick he is, anyway back to that comment. Brad lashes back and say "they aren't pre-emptive strikes" even though they are, they converse some more and MikeK the guy who commented said that internet reviewers treat everyone who has a negative opinion like they are a bat shit insane weirdo. Brad then took that to heart and lashed back even though he was speaking in general and not directly to brad, in-between all this fanboys stopped jerking off under the covers and attacked him. There is more but the comments shoot down the page so check the rest out if your interested.
In the review he complains about slasher movie cliques such as virgin lead survivors and the like but then pauses for a few seconds and says this movie did it first. Acting like what he thinks a fanboy who would say to defend this movie. What we can take from this is that he is trying to attack the movie by saying slasher movies have all this but it's ok when Halloween does it even though all that stuff is what makes slasher movies...... you know slasher movies and that's how everyone enjoys them so shut up. What does brad expect no cliques, that would be pretty stupid brad and coming from a "expert" on movies of this genre your an idiot to even suggest or think that. Your really stupid brad so stop trying to attack the movie just because you can't like something mainstream, go watch some more Nazi porn and jerk off in a sock...... alone without a wife.

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DVD-R Hell: "Pagan Invasion: Halloween, Trick or Treat?" (Part 1)
Brad bashing the Church again like usual but God.... yes God appeared to smite him down with the wittiest of replies. Overall this video is ok as it doesn't have much laughs, brad does love to insult Christianity so what's next Scientology...... oh wait. Brad also mentions that he went to a private school in this video, what isn't public school good enough.
Whoever commented this deserves a medal

Nostalgia Critic and The Cinema Snob: "Sharknado"
Technically not a cinema snob episode since it's can't spell his own name Doug Walker but I'll comment on it anyway. This is a bad video as the jokes are dry and flat, you'll get some enjoyment from watching clips from the movie but again that doesn't count as that's not them being funny. Brad appears in the god awful demo real style sketches and it just hurts to watch, get those two demo real ass monkeys out of your videos Doug. They hurt your videos as if watching a grown man screeching isn't bad enough,  Demo Real never really ended as it bleeds onto the Nostalgia Critic because he yes "hired" them....... whatever. Retard mc retard and skinhead Nazi below.

In other News
You may have been noticing that Ninja The Mission Force season 2 episodes have been appearing on the site for some time, this is because nobody bought the "DVD" exclusive season and they want to recoup their budget of a ham sandwich since they got such poor sales or any at all. Who would buy that crap anyway, did you expect people to buy them.
Really, I mean seriously. A fucking T-Shirt of radio pod casts...... need I say more.

Sunday, 13 October 2013


A really funny review from the Cinema Snob this time around, he makes tons of references in this video and they are funny. Most notable are the references to Man of Steel, Prometheus and The Thing prequel, I guess he just wanted to let us know again that he doesn't like those movies. I don't get why he doesn't like Prometheus as I thought it was awesome, the only problem I had with the movie was that they changed the design of the Engineers. When the dad and son were playing brad could have added in the "lets go play ball" clip from the Phantom Menace as that would have been funny but we did get a yippee.

Overall the video is great and has mostly no problems, he keeps making references every two seconds which can be annoying but most of them were funny. Personally liked the Shakes the clown, star wars and E.T. Porno references plus alot more. It was really funny when brad imitated British voices and said silly stuff. Brad say's the ending was Xtro cheesy...... get it. He also say's "what the hell is an Xtro anyway" but I know what a Xtro really is...... this guy below.

Also brad mentioned on his twitter that his laptop broke and that he had to get a new one, that really sucks. He then did the review in one day which is something I can't say for this idiot.

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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Jack the Ripper Goes West

We got deadwood, simpsons and last orgy of the ss references but also references to his own shitty films. Brad is creeping me out in this review as the child walks in on a dead body and brad says that he should man up and drop his balls, what he meant by that was fuck the dead body. I don't know why he said that was it was very out of place and not funny at all, it's disgusting of him to even say that especially when he wanted the child to do it. There is something serious wrong with brad but he did watch Nekromantik so I guess he'll wack off to anything.
After the faggotness of last week this was better but the video overall is average, there was some funny stuff but not alot. He overused the child's horrible scream too much as it wasn't funny after the second time, over milking jokes isn't funny brad you should know that. Brad says that the guy who deals with dead bodies does it for an erection (Again making a necrophilia joke) but doesn't make a reference to the movie Pathology in which that happens. People fuck dead bodies and that's probably the only reason why people watched it....... why the hell did I watch that movie it sucks so badly. Brad also fails to reference airplane when a man is topless with a child but I guess that one is too easy.
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In other news
Brad appears in a black hole of board games video and a video with Doug Walker..... umm yay.