Sunday, 15 September 2013

Saturday the 14th

A hilarious review, very funny so you should check it out. I will mention a few things about the review though but not much as it's a good one, last few weeks have been very rough as they were not funny and mostly had no laughs. This is the good cinema snob and not the bad one we have seen for the most part of this year, I hope he does more like this. Many funny and hilarious references you will find here, loved the cat in the hat and van helsing references.

There are two things I will poke at, he doesn't mention that the creature from the black lagoon looked like it was going to rape someone which is a shame because brad should have mentioned this. He probably didn't want to mention someone under-age and rape though or mentioning rape would upset his comedic routine. He still should have mentioned it though, he does say he wants your towel but it's not the same thing.
He also doesn't sat that the dad looks like he is trying to child molest his son, just look at this picture and you'll know what I mean.
One last thing to mention is that in the movie two guys are making silly animal noises at each other and then brad proceeds to mimic this expect it's really not funny but just sad. Anyhow that's all I have to say about this review so check it out.

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