Thursday, 26 September 2013


Oh the gay bastard, I knew he was like this all along. See people I have been telling the truth and his true colours have finally shown in this video, the title card is disgusting because they will "service" each other...... because hilarious.
What the hell is wrong with him reviewing this thing of a movie, it's a gay sex porno so he would have had to watch it before editing the video for his review. So what is he gay and enjoys watching gay porn, that would explain alot. It's hard to watch also due to Brad showing gay sex on screen (although black boxed) but it's still disgusting because he only black boxes their junk and not all that other filth gay faggots do. Below is what he doesn't black box and it's all the way through the video which should be a crime, im sorry for putting it there but I had to so you can know. I don't even know if this is legal to show in a video, blip does have rules for gay faggots right or is it only Russia.
Because Cinema Snob
What went through his head while watching this, you know the bible forbids stuff like this for good reason but oh wait the pope said it's ok which contradictes the bible so why was he chosen again. He say's that this wasn't the first gay porn he did and turns around to the moment by moment poster, he is wrong because the actors may be gay or people say but the movie isn't. So brad supports gay rights..... you make me sick. Go hang yourself or let Jerrid bleed your ass you sick fuck, get your own planet to be gay on because this one doesn't want your kind.
Took him nearly two weeks to put out this video since his last but he has been working on his new movie so I can understand why it took this long. Overall the video is stale and not fun to watch so I don't blame you if you skip it, everyone in the comments section just eat it up because your just a troll if you say anything bad.

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Grand Theft Auto V Review
Beat angry joe to the punchline.

Also what the hell is this shit.

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