Thursday, 26 September 2013


Oh the gay bastard, I knew he was like this all along. See people I have been telling the truth and his true colours have finally shown in this video, the title card is disgusting because they will "service" each other...... because hilarious.
What the hell is wrong with him reviewing this thing of a movie, it's a gay sex porno so he would have had to watch it before editing the video for his review. So what is he gay and enjoys watching gay porn, that would explain alot. It's hard to watch also due to Brad showing gay sex on screen (although black boxed) but it's still disgusting because he only black boxes their junk and not all that other filth gay faggots do. Below is what he doesn't black box and it's all the way through the video which should be a crime, im sorry for putting it there but I had to so you can know. I don't even know if this is legal to show in a video, blip does have rules for gay faggots right or is it only Russia.
Because Cinema Snob
What went through his head while watching this, you know the bible forbids stuff like this for good reason but oh wait the pope said it's ok which contradictes the bible so why was he chosen again. He say's that this wasn't the first gay porn he did and turns around to the moment by moment poster, he is wrong because the actors may be gay or people say but the movie isn't. So brad supports gay rights..... you make me sick. Go hang yourself or let Jerrid bleed your ass you sick fuck, get your own planet to be gay on because this one doesn't want your kind.
Took him nearly two weeks to put out this video since his last but he has been working on his new movie so I can understand why it took this long. Overall the video is stale and not fun to watch so I don't blame you if you skip it, everyone in the comments section just eat it up because your just a troll if you say anything bad.

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Grand Theft Auto V Review
Beat angry joe to the punchline.

Also what the hell is this shit.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Saturday the 14th

A hilarious review, very funny so you should check it out. I will mention a few things about the review though but not much as it's a good one, last few weeks have been very rough as they were not funny and mostly had no laughs. This is the good cinema snob and not the bad one we have seen for the most part of this year, I hope he does more like this. Many funny and hilarious references you will find here, loved the cat in the hat and van helsing references.

There are two things I will poke at, he doesn't mention that the creature from the black lagoon looked like it was going to rape someone which is a shame because brad should have mentioned this. He probably didn't want to mention someone under-age and rape though or mentioning rape would upset his comedic routine. He still should have mentioned it though, he does say he wants your towel but it's not the same thing.
He also doesn't sat that the dad looks like he is trying to child molest his son, just look at this picture and you'll know what I mean.
One last thing to mention is that in the movie two guys are making silly animal noises at each other and then brad proceeds to mimic this expect it's really not funny but just sad. Anyhow that's all I have to say about this review so check it out.

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Monday, 9 September 2013

Friday the 13th Part 2

This review was ok but it was still bad, it was better than last weeks but I only laughed three time during the course of the video and two out of three were from the movie itself and not brads jokes which don't count. I laughed when brad started flipping his hand all about the place near the end of the video and that was really it, for the rest of the video I was sitting there with a still face.

In the movie if I remember correctly they do animal cruelty or something and brad does the dear cinema snob voice and shows him typing at his computer writing to the makers about the cruelty. That's probably not what it even was but who cares, I type these posts up days after I watch the videos from what I remember so try not to blame me if I get stuff wrong.
Brad mentioning rat piss but that was human piss and someone mentioned that in the comments section. Shit head Phelous also makes an appearance in the video but who cares about him, looks like a child molester. Brad also mentions Roger Ebert (Takes a Drink) and if he gave the movie such a low score then that means brad has to...... nobody cares about roger ebert. Also grow up you pencil neck hill billy, roger ebert always give good movies bad rating because he's an idiot. Anyhow check out the video for yourself if you dare.

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In other news
People posed as Chris Conley out of hatred for his criticism of their god figure, it's really sad that people went to that length and to the length of framing him for sending brad a death threat which he didn't do.
Brad informed me on YouTube that I should watch out for this guy since he supossibly sent death threats to him and his family. I don't think that is true as it was probably someone trying to frame him, I told him that he should send me a screenshot of the email to act as proof. Brad did so and also posted it as a comment on his site and the fanboy comments rolled in, I'll also add the e-mail below so you guys can see.

Screw you to

Also some startling information, check this out. It was brads ex (No not Jillian) and she took off her top during a livestream at magfest when she got drunk, then some fat slob started to feel her up and god knows what happened. More info can be found below.

I was checking my traffic sources and discovered this, didn't go out and find it as it found me.

I searched around the internet and didn't find any info about her, she was in this video though and it seems that her name is Kelly Bane.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

42nd Street Forever, Volume 2: The Deuce

Ah for fucks sake, this shit again. Remember last time, wll this is even worse as it's basically him watching trailers for porno movies and making shitty references. I don't really need to explain any more so just watch the video yourself and you'll understand why this is so horrible and unfunny.

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In other news
Brad is an igonerent shit, he got japanese mixed up with thai or did he just think Japan is the only country which uses characters. Somebody even pointed this out in the comments section, brad still hasn't bothered to change the video description probably because he can't admit he is wrong.

This guy points out a major flaw brad has and it shows here, the guy was only saying that shot on shitteo isn't going to be as good as the acutal ones made back in the day because they were actually aspiring to be something while brad on the other hand is only mimicking the style. I would compare this to quentin tatarinos grindhouse and if you have saw those then you know what I mean by that. Here is the entire conversation, brad just lashing out at him. He then says that brad dishes out criticism but can't take it himself and he's so true, brad your pathetic.

I would just like you to know that im not the only one who thinks brad is gay, here is the proof.