Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Taming of Rebecca

This review was so bad it took me a week to post about it, im not even going to say anything it's that bad. Just watch the video yourself and you'll understand why, the only thing I will say is that he mentions a smurfs porn but why isn't he reviewing that.
Some sick people in this world

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Brad Tries The State Fair 2013
All there is to see here is four sex offenders who recently escaped from jail chow down on some food, nothing more and nothing less. Like the previous times there is only the guys going and that's pretty lame as the last state fair wasn't good either because of this reason, the first video's they went with all their friends and it looked like they had a good time but not anymore. There is also a midroll ad in this video and that's just a shame, I thought brad always took them away since sometimes blip automatically place them but possibly brad just wants the money. Although this time was at least watchable and was ok overall, they don't try out much food as they are kinda overpriced.
Rape POV

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