Saturday, 24 August 2013

Friday the 13th

Why did he review this, sigh. Remember when he reviewed The Texas Chainsaw Massacre back in January early this year, that's the same problem with this video also. You can't make fun of movies which are actually good and it really shows in this video, I didn't laugh once and yet people still don't say this in the comments section. Im not just doing this for no reason because it actually isn't funny and that's the truth, plain fact. Maybe there are those out there who forced themselves to like it because we all know if you dislike a video you are labelled a troll even though your only giving your opinion. Look at the approach he takes, Friday the 13th was a big hit back in the day and he knows it so he just say's perhaps you've heard of it.
"Just a little slasher film from 1980, perhaps you've heard of it."
Well duh who hasn't and how dare he review this movie, what's next a review of Citizen Kane. No I've got a better idea, why not review the 3rd Ilsa movie, he already did the first and second so why not or maybe he is saving it. Anyhow to the review, oh ho ho how funny the title card is ho ho not. Only reason why people use title card is because they think it's more "Professional". Everyone is singing in the movie and brad fails to reference the happy campers song from sleepaway camp 2, I mean seriously that was a golden moment to reference a film series that he has reviewed. Im disappointed in him, he also say's that the guy running around like a Native American offensive but at least it was funny unlike this review. He's one to talk about being offensive, points to El Topo Chico.
He makes various references to other stuff and just referencing something on it's own isn't funny, it has to be used as a joke in junction with something else otherwise they just fall flat. He also criticises the movie for ripping off the music from Psycho and now he's just being an ass. He say's that scream is annoying when it's increasing meta, so what brad you don't like scream just because it points out Cliques of slasher movies. Grow up, are you going to hate your own shot on shitteo movie just because it will riff on movies of the same genre. I don't think so, anyhow the review is bad and the jokes are not good. I type this up days after I watch the video from what I remember so I may not mention everything that brad say's in the video.

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Other updates on the site
A slew of midnight screenings, does he really have to see every movie out there. Half the time he isn't even in them and it's just his friends, that's not what we even come here for so who's even gonna watch those ones.

GAME BOYS The Animated Series: "Base Wars"This thing........ is the most dry piece of dog shit that can't even make me chuckle, the animation is bad enough making me thing newgrounds is anime equivalent but the jokes are even worse. Just watch it yourself and you'll know what I mean, brad should be ashamed for making this. Worse yet he failed to make the geek reference even though there is a yeti in the video, they wear game T-Shirts just to let you know there gamers and reference games just to let you know...... you guessed it gamers. The good news is that this will be the last one as the rest will be DVD exclusive..... wait isn't that a bad thing. Who the fuck would pay for this crap, drawing something is paint looks better than this shit and that say's something.

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