Thursday, 8 August 2013


It took him a while to get this video out since he started filming his new movie, he mentioned this in a brad tries video. This video is terrible, you won't be getting any laughs out of this one but as usual everyone in the comments section say's that it was funny even though it clearly isn't. This is probably people not wanting to say anything bad because if you do your just a troll even though you should tell him that it's not funny so he can know this and thus improve.
The main problem with this video is that his jokes are bad and have no punchline, people probably think that just having brad alone and his voice will carry the weight of the video but it can't. He's just some bald toothpick bastard now anyway's, yea I may insult him every now and then but he deserves it. The video is pretty much stale and you'll see why when you watch the video for yourself. He could have inserted the who lets the dogs out song into the video at some point but he didn't even though it would have been funny, come on anyone would have done that but sadly he didn't. He say's watching the movie is like licking your own balls but he didn't make a Scary Movie 2 reference where a guys does just that, you see what im getting at here. Anyway check out the review for yourself if you can even call it that as he mostly summarizes events in it, that's also a problem with internet reviewers.
Yes I did just make that reference

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The Uncanny Valley: The ReviewersThe reviewers was ok, the best part was rickhead talking about some guy who shows video's of his cat and say's is this what you want internet cat fucking. Yes brad making fun of himself thinking he's Bruce Campbell but that would be giving him too much credit, we already knew brad fucks his cat anyway. He also shows it in his Dog's review so we knew it's true, I guess he takes what he can get since he's not married anymore but hey his cat still has a pussy so the sick fuck gets what he wants. Also brad puts the camera aiming down Sarah the whore's top..... because we all know that's what we all want to see. She's actually a guy with breast implants and a dick, what didn't you know. He also put out a bloopers video thinking he's Irate Gamer, the video was bad as blooper reels are. Linkara also referenced Space Lancer Steve in his Tales to Offend video recently, idiot.

Nostalgia Critic - ParanoiaCheck it out, remember to watch Nostalgia Critic's paranoia review as he tears brad a new one. Doug asks brad can he review it and brad say's go fuck a horse, at the end of the video brad has a horse beside him and tells Doug that he got one that will make his dick feel like carrots.  Ah nasty the sick fuck wants doug to have sex with a horse. Ladies and gentlemen we now have proof that Brad watches horse porn, also remember this tweet a while back so it's more concrete than ever. An insight into the mind of brad jones, America's worst sex offender. Even Ted Bundy would say dude your messed up.
I need an adult

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