Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Legend of the Lone Ranger

Well this review was good especially when compared to what we have had to endure the past few weeks, god those reviews were awful. I haven't got much to say other than it was good, it was really funny when brad say's I hope we get to see some good stunt work and then a guy falls under a moving carriage. Now that was funny, brad compares this movie to the recent film and mentions why it's bad but I don't care about that so lets continue. The ad this week was a hotel ad and damn it was creepy as ass, do companies actually think that showing random cgi renders will make people use their hotels.
But wait I forgot to talk about the title card, no not the lone ranger and brad as a native american anything but that. Damn it where's Ironhorse when you need him, you bet your ass I made that reference. Just add some aliens from Mortex and were gold, to life immortal bitches.
The only bad thing I have to say is that brad say's but these guys don't like anything showing a pic from a midnight screening, really brad this again. Just because people in the comments section have a different opinion than yourselves and think that you dislike most movies you talk about doesn't mean you guys can be dicks to them. It just shows how you think of your fanbase, also so brad reviews western movies now. I didn't know they were exploitation film or porno's, the only reason brad reviewed this was to try and divert some internet traffic to his site so he can make money off the new movies release. Anyway check out the video for yourself and make up your own mind.

Video Link

In other news some eggheads on some website noticed this blog, they were fairly negative to what I have to say and think Brad is the only one of worth on TGWTG. Yea because it's not like Nostalgia Critic or Linkara can be funny at times, no sure they're horrible people who have no comedic value whatsoever.

Snob Riffs! "The Story of Jonah"
Brad's pathetic attempts at comedy, this video has no worth.

THE REVIEWERS Trailer (The Uncanny Valley)
Looks meh, yea you make fun of AT4W with your lord penis (Lord Vyce). Meanwhile Jake's car has been busted up and the one who crashed into it's insurance isn't worth poop so brad has decided to help him out by putting up autographed DVD's for sale to contribute. No not Jake, anyone but him. This is more like give us your money for Jake and we'll pocket some on the side leaving Jake with 10% profit.

Meanwhile on Twitter
Some fan art, ah three ugly shits
Brad and co are misogynists, doesn't surprise me there

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