Thursday, 4 July 2013

Shock! Shock! Shock!

Im not even gonna talk about this one much because it was just so bad, I only laughed once and it was at the footage he showed and not his actual jokes. I really hope this isn't the new standard for Brad's video's, not this shit again. They made a new ad, what's wrong with the old one.
Next thing you know people are gonna be upset about the biracial couple in this ad
Anyway what can I say about this title card, well a shadow man on the right and a child molester on the left. What you know he looks like one, he starts off the video saying a bigger what the hell than before. Yea because last weeks episode was so wacky and absurd...... right. The only reason he reviewed this movie was so he could give a tribute to James Gandolfini who recently died, a bit late brad your only 2 weeks late but I guess better late than never. He shows his cat in the video and im guessing that some more jerk off fuel to the guys in the comments section, why are people obsessed with brad's cat as they all act like they want to fuck it. Overall this video is very bad as you can notice by just watching it how unfunny it is, you can do better brad.

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Comments Section
Aww nasty, what the hell's wrong with Brad's fanbase. So what everyone just wants to fuck team snob, why not brad and co plus fans just have a bunga bunga party and then everybody will be happy. You know brad already does those, comment from Midnight Screening.
Not cool
He has a point there, especially with the pathetic bit

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Yea real shitty movies I might add
Spoony one site comment, oh brad cheats at games.
What could have happened, not paying your bills brad

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