Friday, 19 July 2013

Robot Jox

That SciFi Guy did it first and it was better than this shit, just saying. Im not saying he called dibs as it's just a fact so you fanboys out there don't get your britches in a bunch. That SciFi Guy also has a real life 50 hour job so at least he isn't relying on ad revenue like brad here but now onto the video. This review sucks badly, it isn't even worth saving and im not gonna mention much about it because I really don't care. The only reason he reviewed this film and he even says himself why at the start of this video was to try and bring in more viewers, that's just sad. He say's well I should have found a 90's version of Grown Ups 2 to bring in more viewers, yea we all know grown ups 2 made more money in it's opening weekend than pacific rim so what. It just shows that all he cares about no is the money just like Linkara and the rest of the assholes on TGWTG's.

The title card looks like shit, this is the laziest and worst I have seen so far. Brad gives general information about the movie for some reason and the directors as one wanted kid friendly while the other didn't, he also say's one that one wanted to be Pacific Rim and the other wanted to be Atlantic Rim even though that's not what Robot Jox is idiot. Just go watch That SciFi Guy's video as that's how you really do a review, brad also appeared in That SciFi Guy's review of 2012: Zombie Apocalypse which he didn't mention on his site as if he is ashamed to acknowledge it. He mention that this is PG and has violence and nudity, he failed to reference Golden Girl where that has nudity and it's PG. I also expected him to make that reference but it never happened, he's obsessed with that movie so he should have referenced it. There is no point in even watching his review, didn't know robot movies were exploitation or porn but you learn something new everyday and you just learned brad jones isn't funny anymore. I only laughed once and the rest of the video I was gritting my teeth wishing I was watching That SciFi Guy's review of Robot Jox, anyway just go watch that instead. I also recommend you to check out his other videos as they're all good and funny unlike this guy here.

Video Link

You see, it's not just me who think he's not what he used to be.
It say's "the cinema snob not that good anymore"
Even someone else said that That SciFi Guy did it first but then some fanboy comes along and attacks his post.
Damn right Fighter G and it's Gundam idiot 
Midnight Screening: Pacific Rim
This video was kinda boring, in short brad really liked the movie, praised it too much and didn't give any negative thoughts about it. This isn't how he should review a movie out in cinema, do it like Angry Joe where they all talk together about the movie and everyone gets there fair say. Not sitting in a car like homeless people, brad has been putting out alot of midnight screenings lately and there is a reason. He said he spent $70 for 4 of them to go see a movie, I think he does this to recoup this lost so he spams out more videos to increase the overall views in a short amount of time since his fanbase is smaller than other internet reviewers which brings his up to others levels. Anyhow to the video, they say it is like a love letter to monster movies even though it isn't anything like that you idiots and who the heck is this guy.
They also say that the movie is like a 10 year old waiting for this movie for 20 years and then it comes out they see it and are like I need cock, im not joking that's what they say. Then brad say's I need cock on it's own, what the fuck is wrong with these guys and what the hell is that supposed to mean anyway. Are they gay mentally disturbed or do they just like throwing gay innuendos at us. Josh on the left (I think) compares the movie to the impact star wars had on him when he was a child, he has got to be kidding me. He also say's that is you dislike the movie then you can just go fuck yourself, so what nobody is allowed to be critical of movies now.
Also midroll ad, bastards
Brad say's the characters have meaning, the fights have points, you can get behind the story and character motivations, plus you can tell what the hell is going on in the fight scenes, he compares it to transformers except done right. He's trying to say that the fights don't have meaning in transformers as if it's not like two factions are not at war and there isn't reasons why they are fighting, brad's an idiot because there are reasons and the fights do have meaning. They also suck up to Guillermo del Toro as they are probably fanboys who think he can't do anything wrong, he disowned Mimic which makes him an ass because that's actually a good movie unlike Hellboy 2.

Pacific Rim Angry Review [No Spoilers]
I'll pass some judgement on what Angry Joe and co say, they do well in reviewing the movie but praise it too much. They say there is anime cliches when there isn't because them and people have forced themselves to believe this so they can connect it to their precious Evangelion just because Pacific Rim also has robots fighting monsters. They liked the Russian and Chinese robots best even though the Australian robot clearly has the best design overall, they say that the Russian robot has the best interior design even though it's the same as the rest of them. When they say that they show a clip of the Russian helmet but that's probably what they referring to, then again random red eye on helmet anime style = best design even though there suits are not sealed nor have mouth pieces and thus they drown in the movie so yea the Russians clearly have the best design.

The anime nerd in the group say's there is also the cliches and characters you see in an anime even though there isn't you retard, he say's there is even the strong silent type character even though there isn't. They say that the movie could have toned down on the cliches even though those characters get few lines in the movie and aren't walking cliches you idiots, it's like they watched a different movie from me. Angry Joe says they could have toned down on the cliches and that it hurt the movie, um no it didn't because there wasn't that much cliches to begin with. They ask each other to give a score for the movie and Angry Joe say's be a man only numbers and no decimals, what a load. That's just stupid, why should you only give it a number without a decimal even though Angry Joe has given games a decimal before the hypocrite, overall the give it a 7 or 8 but most gave it an 8 out of 10. The last thing I'll mention about this video is that we got to see tons o fun again years since his last appearance, that is mostly due to TGWTG intervention since Angry Joe joined them since they turn people into "characters" and not them being themselves.
The review is not awesome angry joe, it sucks the big one and still That SciFi Guy's review is better.
Angry Joe and co also praise the black guy (Idris Elba) as the best actor in the movie and they don't even recognize the main character played by Charlie Hunnam, what have they never watched or heard of Son's of Anarchy because they don't mention anything he is in. Charlie Hunnam was the best actor in this movie by far, he's awesome in Sons of Anarchy and he's awesome here. I don't know why they thought Idris Elba was the best. Cinema snob also said that Idris Elba was the best actor, again they are wrong. I know it's their opinion but Idris Elba didn't leave much of an impression on me.

Noah & Miles See “Pacific Rim” or Couch
Spoony is the biggest idiot of them all, it all comes down to one nitpicking. He say's alot of stupid stuff but he does make some points, he say's that there isn't much variation between the robots and he is right. Brad and Angry Joe did not mention this as they praised the movie too much but Spoony had a low opinion of it so it's either too good or too bad for them. Spoony also say's that there also isn't much variation between the monsters and the fights and he's right again, he say's that there should have been more locations to fight in and right again but it's everything else he say's about the movie which really bugged me. Yea the movie is mostly based in Hong Kong which really brought it down for me as we should have saw more smaller fight scenes from around the planet. Just watch the video to see all the stupid stuff he say's because there is too much to mention here, he was drunk when he did this video so maybe that's why he was extra angry with the movie but no he wasn't as he said this on his twitter later on.
He's a bigger idiot than I thought he was, he even say's the movie title sucks even though it's called pacific rim for a reason dumb ass.
Spoony got a ton of hate for this video and brad compared it to himself getting hate for hating on man of steel, man of steel sucks big time by the way.
Here's what he said about the movie in short and he's wrong again, the movie isn't the best but it's still a great movie. I give it a 6.5 and that's the correct rating for it, even metacritic gave it 64% and that's truthfully the honest score for the movie taking in all that's good and bad about the film.
He then got angry on twitter.
Spoony also tried to pathetically back himself up on twitch tv, you can't even comment there which shows that he doesn't even want to hear what people have to say. He thinks that we are angry at him for some other reason and that we just vented our anger at him, yea he's an idiot. He also has removed that video from his twitch tv account because I can't find it and it seems to be gone.

Meanwhile check out this other Illinois times news article about the cinema snob, you might find it interesting.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Legend of the Lone Ranger

Well this review was good especially when compared to what we have had to endure the past few weeks, god those reviews were awful. I haven't got much to say other than it was good, it was really funny when brad say's I hope we get to see some good stunt work and then a guy falls under a moving carriage. Now that was funny, brad compares this movie to the recent film and mentions why it's bad but I don't care about that so lets continue. The ad this week was a hotel ad and damn it was creepy as ass, do companies actually think that showing random cgi renders will make people use their hotels.
But wait I forgot to talk about the title card, no not the lone ranger and brad as a native american anything but that. Damn it where's Ironhorse when you need him, you bet your ass I made that reference. Just add some aliens from Mortex and were gold, to life immortal bitches.
The only bad thing I have to say is that brad say's but these guys don't like anything showing a pic from a midnight screening, really brad this again. Just because people in the comments section have a different opinion than yourselves and think that you dislike most movies you talk about doesn't mean you guys can be dicks to them. It just shows how you think of your fanbase, also so brad reviews western movies now. I didn't know they were exploitation film or porno's, the only reason brad reviewed this was to try and divert some internet traffic to his site so he can make money off the new movies release. Anyway check out the video for yourself and make up your own mind.

Video Link

In other news some eggheads on some website noticed this blog, they were fairly negative to what I have to say and think Brad is the only one of worth on TGWTG. Yea because it's not like Nostalgia Critic or Linkara can be funny at times, no sure they're horrible people who have no comedic value whatsoever.

Snob Riffs! "The Story of Jonah"
Brad's pathetic attempts at comedy, this video has no worth.

THE REVIEWERS Trailer (The Uncanny Valley)
Looks meh, yea you make fun of AT4W with your lord penis (Lord Vyce). Meanwhile Jake's car has been busted up and the one who crashed into it's insurance isn't worth poop so brad has decided to help him out by putting up autographed DVD's for sale to contribute. No not Jake, anyone but him. This is more like give us your money for Jake and we'll pocket some on the side leaving Jake with 10% profit.

Meanwhile on Twitter
Some fan art, ah three ugly shits
Brad and co are misogynists, doesn't surprise me there

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Shock! Shock! Shock!

Im not even gonna talk about this one much because it was just so bad, I only laughed once and it was at the footage he showed and not his actual jokes. I really hope this isn't the new standard for Brad's video's, not this shit again. They made a new ad, what's wrong with the old one.
Next thing you know people are gonna be upset about the biracial couple in this ad
Anyway what can I say about this title card, well a shadow man on the right and a child molester on the left. What you know he looks like one, he starts off the video saying a bigger what the hell than before. Yea because last weeks episode was so wacky and absurd...... right. The only reason he reviewed this movie was so he could give a tribute to James Gandolfini who recently died, a bit late brad your only 2 weeks late but I guess better late than never. He shows his cat in the video and im guessing that some more jerk off fuel to the guys in the comments section, why are people obsessed with brad's cat as they all act like they want to fuck it. Overall this video is very bad as you can notice by just watching it how unfunny it is, you can do better brad.

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Aww nasty, what the hell's wrong with Brad's fanbase. So what everyone just wants to fuck team snob, why not brad and co plus fans just have a bunga bunga party and then everybody will be happy. You know brad already does those, comment from Midnight Screening.
Not cool
He has a point there, especially with the pathetic bit

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Yea real shitty movies I might add
Spoony one site comment, oh brad cheats at games.
What could have happened, not paying your bills brad