Saturday, 8 June 2013

My Baby Is Black!

After last weeks atrocious episode this one really didn't help as both are bad. What can I say about the title card, it has only black and white colors which contrasts to the movies itself as it's about a couple who have two different colors of skin. The movie is a drama about a woman who gives birth to a black baby and having her family and friends turn on her for it, it's based back when blacks were not treated as equals and when France has some colonies around the planet. Really takes you back and it also makes you wonder why brad chose to review this movie in the first place, it is a love story so is this going to become the current trend of the cinema snob. I really hope not, anyhow the movie was advertised as an exploitation movie in the US but it's really about society's view on sexual race relations during the early days of the civil rights era. Kinda interesting once you think of it as it was made during that era when there was alot of tension, I really don't hope so but don't tell me Brad's gonna review more romance films in the future.
It say's death as Jews, I'll get Israel to bomb your ass back to the stone age you hear that Bashar al-Assad
Anyway in the movie I'll just talk about parts of the video so you should have already seen it and if not then please do. (3:42) Brad say's that he looks like he is going to eat her, now look at the picture below. Does that look like he is going to eat her or does it look like a rape face, my guess is that brad didn't want to say that because people would think he is racist with black culture having rape in it and all. Im not racist by the way, brad did not want to say this but anybody would say that this looks like a rape face.
Brad references his previous review by saying at least they aren't getting chased by a Dalek (While showing clip) but he pronounces it wrong. It is pronounced Darlek but brad said it the way it is spelt, he backed himself up in the comments section by saying that he only did it for those who would notice. I really doubt that as he just didn't know that it wasn't said the way it is spelt, Talon said that this makes up for not mentioning the Dalek in the previous episode. It does not make up for it as we expected it to be said in the Heartbeeps review and not later on where he can correct himself, it really makes brad look like an idiot.
The couple start laughing randomly and brad then proceeds to copy them....... and it's not funny. This is the height of unfunny in this review and just hear brad's laugh, it's pretty terrible.
Shit eating grin
Brad mentions fox nation commentors due to racism in this movie, Scott then took to the comments section to tell brad thanks for calling him a racist. You know brad being a democrat and fox news being republican, TGWTG's is also mostly democrats or as far as I know. That say's something, maybe they all want to sit on their fat asses living off internet ad revenue while getting some obamacare, brad then said that the joke was only a joke and nothing political.
Check out the link here that was provided by James there to see the racist comments for yourself, you'd think we are still living in the 1960's with the inappropriate comments on fox nation. What the hell is up with these ads by the way.
ITV Player not available in Northern Ireland, if it's not available then why show me the ad idiots
Brad does make a necromantic reference in this review which was good to see but no Quentin Tarantino reference, maybe it's just me that always mentions him when I see peoples feet in brad's video's.
Quentin Tarantino presents feet the movie
Damn, why does brad always add more fuel to the fire. He didn't have to show some gay guys, he could have just shown him and jerrid. I've been telling you guys that he has been gay all along, wait I have an idea. Maybe Jillian had a black baby with Mister X and then that's what really caused their divorce, you see it's all coming true with brad reviewing a movie to contrast with what happened in real life with his divorce. Now that's what probably happened or was it brad playing poker with the boys, probably both.
Ah gay fags, I heard France is good this time of year brad. Try there for your next gay lord getaway.
Brad better stop showing his cat in his video's, I really hate it because people in the comments section act like they jack off every time they seen it on screen. Didn't know the cinema snob fan base was into that sort of thing.
Overall this review was boring, it was probably what he had to work with though as this ain't the best movie to get laughs from people or to make jokes from. I still blame brad for picking this movie as he shouldn't have chosen a movie that he can't make an enjoyable review out of. People in the comments section tend to disagree though as I really didn't see anybody say anything bad about this episode even though it is, just stupid fanboys who praise any shit that TGWTG's pump out. Anyway check out the video for yourself and make up your own mind.

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Told you all those gay innuendos were true, not making this up
Brad responded back to spoony on this:
Enough boogie nights references brad, so it was brad sending Viagra spam?


  1. O.K., I REALLY wanted to let you well enough alone, as it's obvious Brad is just the target you project whatever issues you have on - along with Noah Antwiler, given above etc. Truth is, I go on this blog occasionally to see what kinds of ridiculous you now spout and to see if Brad posts any comments to play along. But's just the most vulgar, insulting, ill informed, blindly hateful mess. I don't know if you're a closeted homosexual, a bigot in general, or if the fact that a seemingly perfectly nice and enjoyable entertainer who has formed genuine strong relationships that he embraces and shares full on makes your heart three sizes too small shudder...but really, just stop. It's just sad now. And stop bringing the people Brad loves into it as a cheap shot. You know even less about them.

    1. I don't put my issues on them at all, I just provide some constructive criticism as well as some insults here and there but no harm is intended. I have actually told brad just to ignore my blog if he wants to as I won't bring it to him, we have actually talked on YouTube before and there was no hate involved in it.

      I wouldn't call this sad at all, this hardly takes any time away from my life. This blog is opinion based and the jokes I make are just poking fun at brad and others as I hold no real hate towards brad himself. It's basically satire, I actually like him and his video's are funny, I also point out when they are not but then again it's what I think and not what they actually are. Just ask brad what he thinks about the blog or me in general, I also tell people to watch the video and make up there own mind. Also the last time snob or anyone commented was over six months ago not that I care because I know people are reading. I get 100+ plus daily and im more than happy with that.

    2. I tried posting a reply a the other day, but it still appears all forms of internet based communication hate me. Unless it has or is going through, at which point, my bad for blowing up your blog with replies.

      Please know Pearse, that while I was upset, it was not meant as an attack on you as a person. It'd make me kind of a hypocrite to get personal with you. And I really want to believe that this blog is all in fun. I thought maybe you were trolling the trolls, so to speak: creating a blog that exemplifies all those out there who act as if Brad Jones and other reviewers had come into their homes, pissed in their cereal, and ran from said homes giggling. For a time, like I said, I was enjoying the banter between you and Brad, like maybe there was an inside joke about all of this.

      What has gotten to me was when it seemed to genuinely upset and offend Brad, Jerrid etc. It felt like either there was a lack of awareness that a line was being crossed and then a disregard for it, or that there was in truth a deep rooted dislike of Brad Jones and that you were saying rather biting things veiled as all in good fun. It felt like you were trying to be hurtful, or trying to say the most hateful things you could etc. THAT is what bothered me: the continuous references to his divorce, the questioning of his friends and friendships, alluding to his being a twisted deviant of some sort - or that his friends were. Because no matter how thick a skin they have, there is only so much they could or should be expected to swallow. You seemed to have definitely hit a nerve with Jerrid, and I could see why. And the further in I got, the more it seemed like shots were being taken at will. Poking fun at his characters or taking a jab is different then bringing his personal life into things and taking cheap shots.

      I really want there to be no bad blood, but I had to get it out there because this kind of things offends me as a person, in that I am just bothered if I feel someone is being blindly and vehemently attacked - I wouldn't support someone who attacked you like that either.

      I do want to say that I appreciated the joke you made in response to those on his site that were getting pervy about Jillian and saying Brad couldn't please here etc - I think on the Souperman video. That felt like you were kind of coming to their defense with a turn around joke. And, unlike many others, you have yet to really attack Noah Antwiler for his personal issues, which I greatly respect because that shit was callous when I saw it online. was sweet of you to share the article on Brad.

      Again, I am sorry if this is redundant. I am also rather ill at this time, so if this is at all babble, my bad. Peace out.

    3. Nah sure it's ok I enjoy replies, I could understand if someone though I was aggressively attacking brad and co because I actually forgot to mention that im not being serious about all this. I does go a bit far at times such as when I called him a child molester and a nazi plus probably worse if I actually check back at my posts.

      People always seem to have sexual fantasies when they mention Jillian which I really hate. Just think how she and anyone would feel if everyone just thinks of her as a sex object, you'd think cinema snobs fanbase was spoony one. That say's something about brad's fans physiologically. Noah really has problems, I mean big problems. Well at least now he has some pink haired troll to perform BDSM / every page of the kamasutra or whatever the hell he is into.

      Spoony really shouldn't have said that he would tie someone up and rape them in his basement, not the words he used but he more of less said that. Anyhow thanks for commenting and I hope you get well.

    4. I swear this will be my last reply and I will let you go on with your life and blog :).

      Thank you, and I am glad to know this IS all just meant as a troll of trolling. I am also glad that it's implied that any potential hard feelings between you and Team Snob are settled etc :) I mean, I hope so, unless I am so naive I am just letting my guard down on a true hater. But I will take you as a man of your word and believe there is peace in the kingdom.

      It gets to me too - again, there is making jokes and then there is being a jerk to her - and disrespectful of both she and Brad. Yeah, they are divorced, but those two are still very close and she still was his wife.

      Dude, Noah is a good guy. The joke I think was made more in the vein of his character, especially ala Spooning with Spoony. I think he was just in a mood and wanted to make a completely off handed comment as a joke and, unfortunately, like many of his friends have said, it all got really fucking out of control. My brother and I used to have a competition to see who could leave the most messed up comments on each others pages - it weird-ed some people out, but it was just us having a laugh. He does have a lot going on, and he's working hard at getting better etc. Plus, it was people attacking his girlfriend and friends that got him riled up and defensive quite often - I can't blame him for kinda getting pissed with some of his fan base because they had to be called on their behavior. And, being as I also have major depression, OCD and an ongoing litany of suck, I can get how it messes with who you are at times.

      Oh, c'mon Pearse - April is such a cutie...God, that sounded lame of me. But she seems sweet enough, and she makes him happy. It's good to see him with someone who gets his personality etc and rides with it. Just my opinion, though.

      Oh, and thank you. Today I feel great, so I am riding on that.