Wednesday, 26 June 2013

In Search of the Wow Wow Wibble Woggle Wazzie Woodle Woo

This could have been a funny video but sadly it wasn't, there was some funny jokes that he did make but in the end it was all for naught. There was one to many gay jokes about coming out and going into the closet, why did he review a children's movie anyway it just makes as much sense as reviewing an episode of the Teletubbies. My guess is that it's the easiest thing to make fun of due to it being aimed at very young children, why not review the Fimbles or the Tweenies next brad as im pretty sure those video's would be a big hit.
The most badass extraterrestrials on this side of the quadrant
The Teletubbies are wanted by Interpol for being the kingpins in the worlds largest human trafficking organisation, if you ever see them stay far away and phone the police quickly as possible as they are considered armed and dangerous. At least the ad has changed but it's a stupid ad for banks to steal your money and leave you homeless, stay away stay far away.
And no I won't rollover to watch the outtakes, well what can I say about the title card. All I can see is a child molester on the right and a saint on the left, seriously why did brad pick on this guy who gives alot of his own money to charities out of his heart. Does brad do this will the money he has, I don't think so and neither does anybody else on TGWTG. They're all about taking money than giving something back, go and spend $50,000 on a movie again. Sorry about that but back to the review.

He say's he won't say the full title but we all know he will and he does near the end of this video, sigh. Brad say's that this won emmy's but they were local while his movie got the worst movie award in 2003. He was referring to freak out, is that the one where someone gets raped and has censored nudity. Well it seems that brad has got his priorities straight, after all he does play late night poker with the boys. He say's that the title card music sounds like salacious crumb jerking off, question why does brad know that.
Well he does look like the sound of him jacking off would be rubbery
Brad calls Tim Noah an overgrown man child with a camera, but I though that was the Spoony One. Brad's just jealous because he is more successful than him, you should be ashamed of yourself. He makes various references to movies such as Nightmare On Elm Street and the Poltergeist,
Told you he was a gay bastard
Speaking of references brad references Ninja the Mission Force in a very lame sequence of this video, if you don't know it was the toy robot carrying a message.
Fuck you Ed Glaser and your Avian Ninja Warrior
The main problem I had with this review is that brad never shuts up, I mean seriously he keep talking over the clips and never lets up. That was really annoying, a monkey pulls his trousers down and brad say's it was sitting down there months waiting for the right moment. He could have said didn't know the monkey from Evolution was hiding in there, what didn't expect that reference but don't worry I've got more.
At the end of the movie it say's what to do with mash potatoes, brad then say's anything just eat them but what he should have done was sit there still silently nostalgia critic style. That wasn't funny brad and if you wanted to make a joke you should have referenced Bo Selecta mash potatoes, he also could have said or you can plug a hole in a spaceship with it but im pretty sure that he hasn't seen Star Trek Enterprise. Someone in the comments section mentioned LOTR po-tay-toes youtube video and that would have been funny if brad inserted clip or referenced that instead, boil em mash em stick em in a stew. Brad pulls some of his own hair out at the end of the video, his hair line has already receeded enough you know.
Craig David number 1, can I get a re-wind
The UK's really weird, anyhow overall the video was very lame and could have been better. Someone said in the comments that at least it wasn't a porn but I though that brad and commentors said that Ilsa movies aren't porn, they could still be considered porn you know you bunch of idiots. Anyway check out the video for yourselves........ why is it only me who say's the video's aren't funny when it's the truth.

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