Sunday, 23 June 2013

Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks

Boring, dull and uninteresting. That pretty much sums up this video, I just sat there watching with a still face not laughing at any jokes. Well at least the ad is different for this week and is also available for NI as it includes the UK and Ireland, I guess they learned that neglecting paying customers hurts business. Anyhow what can I say about the title card, brad being captured by some black guy probably going to be forced to have sex with Ilsa......... well that' his dream anyhow as he seems to have some weird fetish for Dyanne Thorne who is the actor for Ilsa.
Well I hope this isn't his latest trend, reviewing Ilsa movies because it probably will be. I just guess that since she died during the end of the first movie that this would probably be similar to the first movie which it is, some place where sex is involved and then revolt expect this time it's in the middle east. Brad points out that the movie wanted a bigger audience so they toned down on the nudity and violence which takes away from what made the first movie good in the first place. He compares it to deep throat 2 and he say's that the characters are meant to suck and not the movie, brad inserts this but I guess this is fox news but im not sure.
Brad fails to make good jokes in this review and here are some that he could have done but probably didn't want to because he probably thinks that people would call him racist. It's not like the middle east would have jihaded his ass if he made a Innocence of Muslims joke which he should have because I expected it, it would have been funny which could have made this review funny. He also could have said hey look it's Sheik Abdul Bashir, what it's a perfectly good joke which again brad should have made.
Since the movie is in the middle east and the movie is about the sex trade brad didn't say wait they're still like that or he could have said at least he doesn't have 5 wives. Someone gets forced fed in the movie through their mouth but brad could have made a joke saying why not just stick tubes up their noses, that was a Guantanamo bay joke since right now people are being forced fed through their noses which must hurt. Of course they are terrorists so who cares about them, im guessing he didn't make that joke because Obama is currently president and he wouldn't want to injure his democrat governments image now would he seeing he and TGWTG are one themselves. He probably would have made that joke if Mitt Romney was in control, also he made an IRS scandal joke the other week so why not poke fun at Guantanamo bay.

A Exploding birth control later
(Had to remove image because Google)

Ilsa also gets raped by a leper in the movie just if you wanted to know. A guy gets oil put on him and set alight, brad say's chocolate but he could have made a joke about the middle east and oil. Brad also say's nice ass, nice rack to Dyanne Thorne, he also say's that he would still have sex with her even if she wore his grandmothers skin........ didn't know you were into GILF brad. Also that's disgusting to say especially since you mentioned your grandmother which was just eww, so what your into incest now as well. Anyhow Dyanne Thorne is still alive brad so why not try your luck as it seems you want to have sex with a 69 year old you sick fuck.
That'll plague your nightmares.
The video has only got 30 comments in three days which really say's something because the video was boring as hell. People probably didn't want to say this because you aren't a real fan if you can point out when a video is not funny, your just a troll if you do that. But wait there is only a couple of hours before the autographed DVD's get auctioned off, oh noes anything but that.
Lets look at some comments and whoa are they weird, it makes me think that Brad's fanbase are all misogynists just like spoony one. From people wanting a harem to people wanting team snob to remake an Ilsa movie and have Jake fuck Jillian into submission, sigh what the hell is wrong with these people and after last times comments this has gone too far.
Yea kickstarter, who do they think they are Angry Joe, someone also called brad sexy and let me guess next they're gonna think that film brain is the sexiest man alive. I say he's an ugly shit, Brad is sexy when angry...... you make me sick.
Brad also uploads video's days after they're on his site to TGWTG, why does he do this. Well I think that he does this to get more views by putting them on TGWTG later which = $$$. Those who watch his video's will obviously already watched his videos so when he puts them on TGWTG's people will think it's something new and therefore watch.

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Other Updates around the site
It was good to see brad salute the recently deceased James Gandolfini, he will be missed.
Midnight Screening of "World War Z"
I did watch this one to see what he had to say about the movie, one thing I didn't want to hear from him was that 2012 sucked. So what do they hate Roland Emmerich now just like Terrence Malick, seriously I don't know why brad didn't like 2012 because it is a good movie. They also put These two scumbag piece of shit haters return to see World War Z! in the video description, let me guess brad did that because people called them haters for hating on man of steel so he's being comical/an ass about it. 

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