Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Illinois Times Best Local Character Brad Jones

I recently stumbled upon this article by the Illinois Times, it is about the best local character and it was no other than Brad Jones himself. It's actually kind of interesting to see this, I guess Brad probably already knows that this happened though but I E-Mailed him just to be sure. This was also only last October so this is kinda recent, anyone want to say what they think about this.

Here is what the article says

Brad Jones, aka The Cinema Snob
Brad Jones of Springfield is no Roger Ebert, but the famous Chicago film critic was the inspiration for a just-regular-guy who has taken the Internet by storm as The Cinema Snob. Jones easily recalls his indignation several years ago while watching Ebert review Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter. “He got on this huge soapbox about it – ‘This movie teaches young people that there’s nothing to life other than you’ll have sex and get killed,’” Jones remembers. “I’m like, ‘Dude, it’s about a guy in a hockey mask.’ That’s really where the idea came from.” And so Jones now makes his living by reviewing exploitation/horror (don’t dare call them “bad”) movies on the Internet, playing the part of a pretentious critic who takes seriously such movies as Nail Gun Massacre. Jones’ review of the slasher film from the 1980s (“That movie sucks,” he says) prompted a complaint by the makers to Youtube, which removed Jones’ review and prompted him to start his own website in 2009. And things took off from there. Jones is now living the dream, reviewing and occasionally making movies full time after stints as a radio disc jockey (his voice invites comparisons with Don Pardo) and a driver for the circulation department at the State Journal-Register. He was recently invited to work as a game show host in Chicago. While Jones enjoys classics such as Casablanca and Citizen Kane, he prefers talking aboutCaligula and Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and he’s helped make Springfield famous with movie fans from as far away as Canada who voted him the capital city’s best local character. Runner-up: Gus Gordon

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