Tuesday, 18 June 2013

GAME BOYS The Animated Series: "Carter's Alley" and More

I am deeply insulted by the Irish accent in the recent game boys video, I am Irish myself and that's a stereotype voice which is insulting to hear. At the end of the video they say Scottish but that's not a Scottish accent, did they even research how Scottish people speak. I have Scottish cousins and that's not how they talk you ignorant American's, next thing you know your all gonna think that Josef Fritzl is from Australia. Spoony makes a cameo in this video as a child and just hear his voice, because we all know children have the voices of grown men. That fucker Robert Walker was the one who did the Irish accent and he should be ashamed of himself, just because he did a horrible German accent in demo reel doesn't mean he can do an Irish one.
Brad's jokes are two dimensional as ever. For the record, GAME BOYS The Animated Series sucks badly and I though newgrounds had bad flash animation. It looks horrible and he said before that he will put it out on DVD to make the money back on this so it must have costed him a pretty penny for this steamy shit. Did you see that brad, you made me reference Vampires vs. Zombies and I now put both of you in the same category.

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"Man of Steel" Re-Review
This video shows you how big of a dick Brad Jones is, he doesn't give two shits about what his fan base thinks. This was meant to be his response but all he say's is "did someone say something" and then shows a old Superman cartoon...... because you know funny. Does he really think so little of those who have a different opinion than his, this was all over the reaction to his man of steel midnight screening.

Catching Up: 6/18/2013
Im still watching those ad's Brad
More autographed Snob DVDs, people are seriously buying this shit.
Brad and his weird child sexual innuendos
Yea and that's how blip and TGWTG make their money, they crash your videos and make you watch multiple ad's

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