Friday, 14 June 2013

DVD-R Hell: "Return of the Ewok" Comments Section Heating Up

Watching you and your blog ads Brad
It seems that there has been some heat in the comments section of this video as of late, it all started off with someone telling brad to go fuck himself. That then exploded and it goes all the way down the page, everyone is arguing about the fox nation comment that cinema snob made last episode encase you didn't know. I won't pass judgement on this video as it's not a cinema snob. The only thing I will say is that the video was ok and that there were some funny moments, brad does mention After Earth but that's more like watch my shit so I can earn $$$.
And yes people actually talk to each other like this, can't brad fix it
Here is what Brad wrote as it's kinda messy in the comments section.

Brad wrote:
It was a joke made about racist commenters and not an entire political party. There, problem solved. I have friends and family who are conservative and are most certainly not racist. You'd have to be a fucking idiot to think that an entire political party or an entire viewing audience is racist. There are racist comments on that site, and that's what the joke was about. Extremists. Which is why I said "commenters" and not "all coservatives" or "all fox viewers." See those links up there? The ones that show evidence of racist comments? THOSE are the people I was making fun of, and if only a few people are complaining about it, then you know what, I'd say most people got the joke, because I get far more complaints than that on jokes that aren't political.
And stop saying I robbed it from Jon Stewart. I didn't see that episode of The Daily Show, I've been far too busy for most tv the past few months. You can't get mad at me for "assuming shit" and then turn right around assume shit on your own. Plus, I'm pretty sure that Jon Stewart isn't the first person make fun of those people. So unless you were the one making those comments on that site: calm...the...fuck...down.
It's seems brad isn't his usual wiseass self today as he told somebody to fuck off, oh noes how could he.
Then people start talking about Fox News and im scared now
What the hell is wrong with the commentors on the cinema snob anyway.

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