Friday, 28 June 2013

Brad Jones Facebook Account

I recently check out Brad's Facebook account and whoa was I surprised, not only are there pics of him cross dressing but pics of him raping someone in the back of a car. If that ain't seedy I don't know what is, here is the evidence.
Aww cross, he's getting licked my ugly Ted Raimi
Ah, you make me sick brad. Who do you think you are Alex Reid
Jesus Christ, they're grabbing each others junk
Raping someone in the back of a car, not surprised
Two child molesters, especially Linkara on the right
Told you his cat was ugly
This explains why his hair fell out on the last episode. Dear god brad why did you shave you head, now you look like jerrid and a child molester.... wait aren't they the same thing. 

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