Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Water Power

Just average, not much happening in this 13 minute long video. There are some funny bits in this video but not many, only 6 days since his last video The Terminator 1991 Remake so well done there brad. I wonder if there is going to be another short video this week but who knows so we'll wait and see. The title card, oh ho ho because it's going to be shoved up brad's ass and shit's going to fly everywhere...... you know funny.

The movie or porno should I say is about some guy shoving whatever up peoples asses and then shit fly's everywhere, perfect jerk off material for brad. During the review he say's midnight heat and then shows a clip of himself from the movie of the same name but he wasn't talking about his own movie but another one. He just wanted to reference his own shit I guess. 
Ugh just look at him, doesn't even have his beard
A funny bit in the video is when two people are getting it on and the lead comes in and brad say's what do you think happens next. He then shows his reaction to the scene while you can hear there's shit everywhere coming from the movie. He also makes an unnecessary Scientology joke after the lead is talking about enema's or something and brad's say's and then Scientology was born.
You know he had a hard on while watching that scene
Not really much to complain about since it was a short video but im looking forward to his next review.

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  1. Are you any relation of Matt Hillock of "The Phone Show" (

    You can see a photo of him here:

    1. Of course not I don't even know who the hell that is, why do you think that everybody who share's the same last name on the planet are instantly related.