Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS

A nazisploitation again, really brad. What's your fascination with the Third Reich, are you a Nazi or just a sick fuck. Go watch your torture porn, no wonder why your not married. Oh wait you were, in your face. Don't worry you have Jerrid and your Cat now so no problemo, you can have sex with them you gay shit. I told you that brad was a Nazi back in the start of the cinema snob sucks blog, maybe those Nazi exploitation films have gotten to him. I also heard that he reads Mein Kampf before he goes to sleep everyday.
Looking a bit peckish there brad
The review starts off with brad on his expensive laptop, looking up porn there I see. Actually he was on the internet looking at a Nazi uniform, going to reenact last orgy of the SS I see. He then calls Film Brain who is one ugly shit, seriously he looks like some skanky ass neanderthal.
Damn he's ugly, even more than Spoony One
For those of you who don't know who Film Brain is then let me remind you, he is an ugly shit from England who review movies. There you go. Brad wanted him to dress as a Nazi but he say's no, brad asks why he watched the other llsa movies, film brain say's that he likes tits. Brad say's me to, and that's why your both not married.

If you didn't notice,brad shaved his beard and he now looks like an even bigger creep. Brad also added in the video thumbnail after it was uploaded. Overall this video was below average for me, it had a few jokes but that's all.

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