Saturday, 27 April 2013

The Terminator 1991 Remake

Two reviews in one week, oh you spoil us brad. Since both reviews are short around 15 minutes each but yea that's a good thing as sometimes long video can be a drag. This video was average for me, there wasn't much laughs or anything worthwhile at all. Not the worst but it could have been better, I think that it was the movie he was reviewing fault than Brad himself since he may not have had the best material to work with.

The movie itself is a 40 minute long shot on shitteo homemade fan film. Ah a shot on shitteo, that brings us back to the good old days of the cinema snob. The movie follows the plot of the real terminator film but has some minor changes, check out the time travelling underwear. Guess the director couldn't get his friend to appear naked for this scene, shot on shitteo so who cares.
Brad mentions Kyle Reese's mullet but in a bad way, doesn't he like mullets. I'll get Patrick swayze from Road House to rip out his throat but not Road House 2.
Mullets rule by the way
There is an Asian police detective and brad say's Chow Yun Fat, so any Asian is now Chow Yun Fat. Later on in the video he also say's Tequila Yuen which is Chow Yun Fat's character from Hard Boiled, he also say's I've run out of  Chow Yun Fat jokes. Yea all two of them he made, just throw in random references.
Brad mentions that the special effects used when the terminator takes out his eye are better than the one used in the real movie. He mentions that you might run into Suburban Knights somewhere in the video referencing a terrible movie that TGWTG's made, kickassia also sucks by the way. He also inserts audio from angry Jake Norvell from one of the midnight screenings.
Overall the video is average but check out the video for yourself and make up your own mind.

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