Thursday, 4 April 2013

Plutonium Baby

Well this was a good and positive review so well done Brad. A day late for April fools though and me mentions that in his video to try and be funny about it. His mom phones him about this and he say's after it that she watches his show so smile, well I don't think that's a good idea unless you want your mom to turn into LadyBuggin777 and we all know who that is.

He makes good jokes and overall the review is good and funny, better than what he has been putting out usually so this is a step up from awful sketches. It is what you would expect from him so check it out. He makes a joke and mentions Jurassic Park 2 meaning that it's bad and he doesn't like it, I don't know why because it is a good movie and at least it's not Jurassic Park 3 which is real bad if you haven't seen it yourself.
Is that Linkara?
This is around the 12 minute mark in the video, Brad should have said something about this as Linkara did spoof him for April fools day. The movie itself isn't anything special, the Plutonium Baby only appears at the end of the movie so I call false advertising. The bad guy at the end comes after the lead and kills him but brad say's why does he, well he did put him in a toxic barrel for ten years so anybody would be pissed. Anyway check out the video and make up your own mind.
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This video was average at best, he tries his best to imitate Brad but he could have done it better. Linkara say's child molester in this video but brad has never said that word before or at least if my memory serves me right. He probably said that because he was looking for other words to say rather than resorting to using the F word, his has said in one of his video's before that he doesn't swear as he wants to show that he can be funny without using foul language. Didn't watch the Phelous video as I don't like him and I don't watch his show.

Here is the link anyhow if your interested.

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