Tuesday, 23 April 2013

E~3: The Extra Testicle

Well this review was certainly better than the last shitty review that he put out, I really didn't like his Roger Ebert Beyond the Valley of the Dolls tribute. It just couldn't keep my attention as it was just boring as hell, not even brad's jokes were funny or anything at all in the video. Anyway back to the video at hand, E~3: The Extra Testicle was a funny video and the only setback that the video had was it being to short clocking in at 15 minutes long. He states that this predates the other ET porno's so it was the first, umm yay.

He makes well with what he had and his jokes were funny, he start's off the video by showing the old ET week intro which is a good start to the video. You can be glad that this ET porno spoof doesn't have any of this because this ET or E3 doesn't get it on at all during the course of this porno or at least from what brad showed which is a good thing because nobody wants to see what's below ever again.
The plot is that an alien comes down to take pictures of people having sex........... it could happen. Brad say's that he looks like that zombie from dawn of the dead, that isn't funny at all and falls flat on it's face.
I don't see the resemblance
He could have made a star trek joke, hey look an Orion from star trek wearing a rebel alliance outfit from star wars. Don't you think this guy looks more similar than that zombie. Brad does make a star trek joke later in the video saying that their isn't enough romulan ale in the galaxy. He also could have said that he look it's the martian man hunter. Another joke he could have said was didn't know piccolo was in this one.
Since this is a porno there are obviously sex scenes in it but at least he doesn't just leave a clip there for you to watch as he has done that before. In the end it turns out it was all a dream or was it. Brad say's that this was the worst E3 ever referring the games convention, overall this video was good but was slightly brought down by it's running time but at least it's better than the previous shitty video that he put out.
Mind if I borrow some sugar

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