Sunday, 21 April 2013

Brad Jones has now become Sean Fausz

Hey look fat bastard
Damn he is fat, I mean seriously he's fatter than Hurley from lost. 
Just add Salacious B. Crumb on his shoulder and your gold
Ok the meaning of this is that recently on the cinema snob site he added an amazon wishlist link. Encase you don't know Sean Fausz is an E-begging fat piece of shit, he asks for donations from his fans to help him "Fund" his "Show". It's more or less taking shit from your fans and never giving anything back, wiping his ass with what his fans give as Jabba here doesn't have to pay for it himself. I hope this fat shit has another heart attack because I don't think Obama care will save him anymore.
This is bad news for Brad as he's asking for people to buy shit for him, why doesn't he just buy it himself. He makes enough money to live off The Cinema Snob even though he should get a job and work plus doing this in his spare time. He is just like Spoony one never getting a job living off fan donations and ad revenue, maybe it's because they're both democrats or at least TGWTG's predominantly is.

Check out Brad's list

Also Super Size Me's wishlist

And The Nostalgia Critic-Critic's blog post on Rikishi

Other Updates on the site

"To the Wonder" Review
Why doesn't brad like Terrence Malick, I mean he directed and wrote The Thin Red Line and that's a great movie. Brad doesn't like him mostly because he saw the tree of life and hated it, it didn't win a ton of awards for no reason you know.
What's up with all these gay innuendo's Brad
Seriously brad stop it,  never knew that jake was like that

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  1. I'd just like to point some things out~ (Not an attack, just a pointer)
    Yes, Brad COULD buy the DVDs but, the DVDs prices rack up fast and can;t be bought in packs. Fans who like Brad can be nice and buy a DVD for him to do the review and then be credited (if not then there is a problem) But a few DVDs (Like 'The Wolf On Wall Street' seems like a movie for him self)
    That is the point of the amazon thing, to keep reviews going. And If they didn't, what would be the point of this blog?
    Also, Weight isn't something to insult people for. People come in different shapes and sizes, we aren't all skinny, we aren't all fat. People can be Ill for their weight, So please do not say anything insulting to peoples weight