Friday, 12 April 2013

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

This video is pretty bad, it can't keep anyone's attention unless your a fan boy who eats up everything that he posts. Don't know don't care about Roger Ebert, I know who he is and what he does but I simply don't give a rats ass about the guy even if he may have died recently.
And don't trust Roger Ebert, he looks like a child molester  so no wonder why brad idolises him
I stopped around the 15 minute mark as the video was just boring, Brad say's that he cried for a bit when he heard that he died. Ha I say good riddance, brad probably cried too when he heard he was getting divorced.  Basically it's him talking over clips of the movie, he doesn't do very well as I couldn't really tell what this movie was about neither what was going on in it other than brad showing sex scenes from the movie and talking over them. Brad then does
Oh dear god
What sort of creep lets people know that he is jerking off in his internet review video, I mean is that meant to be funny or disturbing. He seriously has problems, check him out drinking .
Yea you drink your problems away just like your divorce
You know he better get his shit in gear unless he wants to become Spoony one and we all know how he is right now. Where is Jerrid I though he said they were friends, well if they are friends why didn't he appear in the Christmas giveaway party or any of his video's at all except the I Spit on your grave video.

Video Link

Real classy Brad
Brad jones and his shit eating grin

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