Saturday, 27 April 2013

The Terminator 1991 Remake

Two reviews in one week, oh you spoil us brad. Since both reviews are short around 15 minutes each but yea that's a good thing as sometimes long video can be a drag. This video was average for me, there wasn't much laughs or anything worthwhile at all. Not the worst but it could have been better, I think that it was the movie he was reviewing fault than Brad himself since he may not have had the best material to work with.

The movie itself is a 40 minute long shot on shitteo homemade fan film. Ah a shot on shitteo, that brings us back to the good old days of the cinema snob. The movie follows the plot of the real terminator film but has some minor changes, check out the time travelling underwear. Guess the director couldn't get his friend to appear naked for this scene, shot on shitteo so who cares.
Brad mentions Kyle Reese's mullet but in a bad way, doesn't he like mullets. I'll get Patrick swayze from Road House to rip out his throat but not Road House 2.
Mullets rule by the way
There is an Asian police detective and brad say's Chow Yun Fat, so any Asian is now Chow Yun Fat. Later on in the video he also say's Tequila Yuen which is Chow Yun Fat's character from Hard Boiled, he also say's I've run out of  Chow Yun Fat jokes. Yea all two of them he made, just throw in random references.
Brad mentions that the special effects used when the terminator takes out his eye are better than the one used in the real movie. He mentions that you might run into Suburban Knights somewhere in the video referencing a terrible movie that TGWTG's made, kickassia also sucks by the way. He also inserts audio from angry Jake Norvell from one of the midnight screenings.
Overall the video is average but check out the video for yourself and make up your own mind.

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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

E~3: The Extra Testicle

Well this review was certainly better than the last shitty review that he put out, I really didn't like his Roger Ebert Beyond the Valley of the Dolls tribute. It just couldn't keep my attention as it was just boring as hell, not even brad's jokes were funny or anything at all in the video. Anyway back to the video at hand, E~3: The Extra Testicle was a funny video and the only setback that the video had was it being to short clocking in at 15 minutes long. He states that this predates the other ET porno's so it was the first, umm yay.

He makes well with what he had and his jokes were funny, he start's off the video by showing the old ET week intro which is a good start to the video. You can be glad that this ET porno spoof doesn't have any of this because this ET or E3 doesn't get it on at all during the course of this porno or at least from what brad showed which is a good thing because nobody wants to see what's below ever again.
The plot is that an alien comes down to take pictures of people having sex........... it could happen. Brad say's that he looks like that zombie from dawn of the dead, that isn't funny at all and falls flat on it's face.
I don't see the resemblance
He could have made a star trek joke, hey look an Orion from star trek wearing a rebel alliance outfit from star wars. Don't you think this guy looks more similar than that zombie. Brad does make a star trek joke later in the video saying that their isn't enough romulan ale in the galaxy. He also could have said that he look it's the martian man hunter. Another joke he could have said was didn't know piccolo was in this one.
Since this is a porno there are obviously sex scenes in it but at least he doesn't just leave a clip there for you to watch as he has done that before. In the end it turns out it was all a dream or was it. Brad say's that this was the worst E3 ever referring the games convention, overall this video was good but was slightly brought down by it's running time but at least it's better than the previous shitty video that he put out.
Mind if I borrow some sugar

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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Brad Jones has now become Sean Fausz

Hey look fat bastard
Damn he is fat, I mean seriously he's fatter than Hurley from lost. 
Just add Salacious B. Crumb on his shoulder and your gold
Ok the meaning of this is that recently on the cinema snob site he added an amazon wishlist link. Encase you don't know Sean Fausz is an E-begging fat piece of shit, he asks for donations from his fans to help him "Fund" his "Show". It's more or less taking shit from your fans and never giving anything back, wiping his ass with what his fans give as Jabba here doesn't have to pay for it himself. I hope this fat shit has another heart attack because I don't think Obama care will save him anymore.
This is bad news for Brad as he's asking for people to buy shit for him, why doesn't he just buy it himself. He makes enough money to live off The Cinema Snob even though he should get a job and work plus doing this in his spare time. He is just like Spoony one never getting a job living off fan donations and ad revenue, maybe it's because they're both democrats or at least TGWTG's predominantly is.

Check out Brad's list

Also Super Size Me's wishlist

And The Nostalgia Critic-Critic's blog post on Rikishi

Other Updates on the site

"To the Wonder" Review
Why doesn't brad like Terrence Malick, I mean he directed and wrote The Thin Red Line and that's a great movie. Brad doesn't like him mostly because he saw the tree of life and hated it, it didn't win a ton of awards for no reason you know.
What's up with all these gay innuendo's Brad
Seriously brad stop it,  never knew that jake was like that

Friday, 12 April 2013

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

This video is pretty bad, it can't keep anyone's attention unless your a fan boy who eats up everything that he posts. Don't know don't care about Roger Ebert, I know who he is and what he does but I simply don't give a rats ass about the guy even if he may have died recently.
And don't trust Roger Ebert, he looks like a child molester  so no wonder why brad idolises him
I stopped around the 15 minute mark as the video was just boring, Brad say's that he cried for a bit when he heard that he died. Ha I say good riddance, brad probably cried too when he heard he was getting divorced.  Basically it's him talking over clips of the movie, he doesn't do very well as I couldn't really tell what this movie was about neither what was going on in it other than brad showing sex scenes from the movie and talking over them. Brad then does
Oh dear god
What sort of creep lets people know that he is jerking off in his internet review video, I mean is that meant to be funny or disturbing. He seriously has problems, check him out drinking .
Yea you drink your problems away just like your divorce
You know he better get his shit in gear unless he wants to become Spoony one and we all know how he is right now. Where is Jerrid I though he said they were friends, well if they are friends why didn't he appear in the Christmas giveaway party or any of his video's at all except the I Spit on your grave video.

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Real classy Brad
Brad jones and his shit eating grin

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Plutonium Baby

Well this was a good and positive review so well done Brad. A day late for April fools though and me mentions that in his video to try and be funny about it. His mom phones him about this and he say's after it that she watches his show so smile, well I don't think that's a good idea unless you want your mom to turn into LadyBuggin777 and we all know who that is.

He makes good jokes and overall the review is good and funny, better than what he has been putting out usually so this is a step up from awful sketches. It is what you would expect from him so check it out. He makes a joke and mentions Jurassic Park 2 meaning that it's bad and he doesn't like it, I don't know why because it is a good movie and at least it's not Jurassic Park 3 which is real bad if you haven't seen it yourself.
Is that Linkara?
This is around the 12 minute mark in the video, Brad should have said something about this as Linkara did spoof him for April fools day. The movie itself isn't anything special, the Plutonium Baby only appears at the end of the movie so I call false advertising. The bad guy at the end comes after the lead and kills him but brad say's why does he, well he did put him in a toxic barrel for ten years so anybody would be pissed. Anyway check out the video and make up your own mind.
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Other Updates on the site
AT4W: Target $20 Lamp Review
This video was average at best, he tries his best to imitate Brad but he could have done it better. Linkara say's child molester in this video but brad has never said that word before or at least if my memory serves me right. He probably said that because he was looking for other words to say rather than resorting to using the F word, his has said in one of his video's before that he doesn't swear as he wants to show that he can be funny without using foul language. Didn't watch the Phelous video as I don't like him and I don't watch his show.

Here is the link anyhow if your interested.