Monday, 25 March 2013

I Spit on Your Grave (Part 2)

How dare Brad start off his video by mocking his fans responses to his first part, he said that he already had this done but I seriously doubt that. He is really an ass and making fun of his fans shows that he is a big dick. He bumps his head on the way down the slide which shows he's a really dump bastard, he does points this out though in the video.
Overall this video was the regular jist so that was good as the first part was spoiled by that horrendous sketch. He makes good jokes and the video was funny, that's good as the previous four reviews were not. Check the video out and I hope you enjoy it as I did, just skip the first part as most of it is part of the sketch.

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Other Updates On The Site

Ninja The Mission Force: "Bruce Fights Back from the Grave"
More Ninja the mission force, lame. I mean it's seriously not funny and horrible to watch so I don't blame you if you miss it.

GAME BOYS The Animated Series: "The Game Job"
Dear god that animation is terrible, a shitty flash cartoon based on a shitty movie. Is there anything else I need to say. Most people like this but I don't see why, it's not very funny as it making me think that Adam Sandler is gold.

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