Friday, 15 March 2013

I Spit on Your Grave (Part 1)

Hooray the 200th video, breakout the crackers and white rice. No seriously this video is terrible, it was the usual until the sketch came up and it was bad, I mean the terribly unfunny bad. It's even worse when in the video Jake walks in and calls brad Craig as in from the cinema snob movie, so he is a character playing a character who is also playing a character?

Even others' had a problem with the sketch, take a look at what this guy said. He makes a lot of sense when it comes to the sketch, it did kill the rest of the review though but I don't agree that this was the funniest review ever.
Nick Michalak wrote:
I guess long form meta jokes really aren't much my thing. The entire sketch did nothing for me. Might as well have dropped an 80's Dan episode in the middle of the review for as much as it disrupted the flow of the video. Also, it puts a sour taste to me that now it's always going to be in the back of my mind that it's not just Brad portraying the Snob, but Brad portraying Craig portraying the Snob. It's a little too much junk piled onto a simple premise.
I haven't said anything until now, but the Cinema Snob Movie really didn't do much for me outside of Noah and Orlando. I'm not hating on anything. I'm just saying that the movie and this related sketch didn't work for me. Up until Jake barged in, this was one of the FUNNIEST reviews ever! I was laughing every ten seconds. Then, the entire sketch killed it for me, and I couldn't get back into it once the review resumed. It just went on excessively too long, and it didn't entertain me. I loved it when you do a thing like "Guinea Pig" where there's a sketch worked into the context of the review, and they exist simultaneously and work off of one another. This just interrupted the entire momentum the episode had going for it, and went on its own tangent for far too long, in my opinion. I just didn't care for it. It's great that others do, but it just didn't work for me.
Another thing that bothered my was the fact that why can't brad just review the scene and talk about his personal feelings about rape in general, also talking about the scene but no he and to resort to an unfunny sketch and just skipped over the entire rape scene which is over 20 minutes long. The review is also split into two parts and this is mostly worthless as the sketches takes up half the video.

Brad also makes a Nazi joke, come on really another joke against the third Reich  You'd think he was obsessed with Hitler and last orgy of the SS. Jillian say's her bra would sell for $500 on the internet, I doubt a HIV STD flea ridden bra would sell for anything less than a $1 on e-bay and that's being generous. Brad also wears it in the video and what a horrible sight to behold,
Jake is aroused, O Face
Im guessing brad is the wife of the house with jerrid being the husband, I always knew they were a gay couple. Didn't you read those previous blog posts about the REAL reason why he got divorced. Anyhow overall the video was bad due to the sketch but if he kept it like a regular review then it would have been ok or good. We'll have to wait and see the second part if he can redeem himself after this fiasco.

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