Thursday, 7 March 2013

Debbie Does Dallas

Dear god this review sucked, didn't even finish watching it as I stopped half way as that's how bad it was. More or less were watching him watch porn, thanks brad. The jokes aren't funny, the material he has isn't good to work with as it's a porno and it's not like this is E.T. the porno or the super Mario one where you can make jokes.

Just watch the video for yourself and then you'll understand why this review is so bad, he probably reviewed it only because it gave him an excuse to watch more porn and he wonders why he got divorced.

Video Link

Other updates on the site

The Cinema Snob DVD, Coming This Friday!
A DVD seriously and it only contains the public domain stuff he reviewed plus some extras, oh why that's just perfect I mean what else could you wish for. And the artwork for the DVD cover here, really shoddy. I mean it's so bad that it makes the real cinema snob movie poster looks good. Utterly pathetic brad.

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