Monday, 4 March 2013


Not much to say on this review, the only reason he chose this movie was that the new die hard movie "A Good Day to Die Hard" was released in cinema. He thought that people would find his video because duh movie he is reviewing is die hard clone which = $$$.

Overall the review was ok but we expect better from him, there is no need to go through the video and pick at parts. The only thing I will say is that he makes an unnecessary Oscar Pistorius joke about shooting through doors, I mean that's just wrong. How would he like it is his wife died, oh wait he doesn't have one because he got divorced. In the movie someone shoots through a door and Brad say's something about Oscar Pistorius shooting through doors, he then say's that he knows it is early for anyone to make a joke but fuck off. So does that make it right for him to make that joke, how about I make a joke about Nanking and then say I know you shouldn't make jokes lie this but who cares.
Shame on you brad, how dare you
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