Saturday, 16 February 2013

Moment by Moment

Overall this review is just mediocre, there are some jokes and laughs but not enough to warrant a positive rank for this review. It's not terrible but not good either so lets gets to why this is, it could have been what he has to work with or maybe he's losing his grip on how to make a funny video. Also he can stop poking fun at Scientology, I mean what did they ever do to him. He said he was just making harmless jokes but does he always have to do it when an actor in the movie is a part of Scientology.

He starts off the video by showing flashback footage from last valentines day when he was reviewing Rape Squad. Hmm memories just flood back to when he was married, yea remember his divorce. He then say's that he's reviewing rape squad 2 but it's a joke, you know funny. He say's that John Travolta has a movie every decade that ruins his career, this, Battlefield Earth or Perfect from the 80's. Battlefield earth isn't as bad as people make it out to be, does't mean it doesn't have it's problems though.
I was learning to conquer galaxies when you were learning to spell your name
He starts giving some information about the movie saying that it performed badly at the box office, hasn't been released on VHS, DVD etc. He say's that the movie doesn't work for him because they look like brother and sister when on screen together, he is talking about the hairstyles of that time period and that alot of people have the same hairstyles. Even if they may look related due to their hairstyles it hasn't stopped brad from jerking off in the past when he was watching the incest in Caligula.

Travolta follows the woman home and if that doesn't count as stalking then I don't know what is, creepy. Brad say's he likes John Travolta as an actor but is that because he doesn't come out of the closet like brad. What brad has made many gay gestures such as Jimmy Saville, Jerrid, man crush on spoony's hair which he has not cut in fear of surprise butt sex from brad and more.

Strip offers he some sleeping pills, brad then say's that he would have slipped it in her drink anyway. Brad seems to do this also when playing roofie roulette with the boys at poker nights. He say's that the whole first act is her looking at Travolta with disgust and he keeps offering her drugs,
She keeps pushing him off and she eventually comes to him when he is fixing a car and then they have lunch together, brad comments on the bad romance throughout the entire movie and say's that this may be a rape squad 2, if you keep offering someone sleeping pills they will think that you are a rapist. He say's that this movie has been stalkerish which is correct from what he has shown and told. Halfway through the review at this point.
Throughout their conversation he keeps talking about his friend and she asks is he his partner, brad then comments on the chemistry between the two due to their real life sexual orientation and say's that it is questionable. Brad say's that film brain was right when he mentioned that the most annoying and chicle thing is a romance movie is the third act breakup, strip arrives at her house drunk and ask for him address book. I hate film brain by the way, annoying as hell. Irate game is better than his trash.

Strip explains his back story and the movie remember you it's for a mature audience, then then enter a bubble tub and he say's there is no bubble machine in it. A fart joke brad really, why couldn't he have referenced Ali G Indahouse where a guy actually creates a bubble tub effect by farting in it.
Strip say's that if she isn't ready to commit to a relationship then it's over, brad's say's that their relationship is going to fast. Brad does mention that he was giving them stick about their similar hairs but say's that everyone has the same hair. Strip storms out when he see's her with a friend and then they both go out to look for him. Travolta then gets invited to a footography party, lets me guess Quentin Tarantino is the host of this party.
Her ex husband is also at this party and strip leaves, back at the beach house strip overhears her talking about their relationship and that it may not go anywhere. Brad mentions that they throw a mafia subplot 90 minutes in and then it's never referenced again. Her ex husband arrives at the house and strip leaves again, she chases after him and tells him happy birthday. The movie then ends showing pics from scenes earlier in the movie. Now children did you enjoy that story, I sure didn't.
Brad wonders why he spotlighted this film on his show and he phones Jillian and said that she mentioned it to him. She just wanted to see if he was stupid enough to watch it, ha ha ha his marriage is in the bin.

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Finally deception of a generation part 2 but only 25 days after the first part, I think that he just flooded the site with midnight screenings to put it off for a while so he can always have something new on the site. Ninja the mission force is pretty bad and unfunny but that doesn't stop them because now they want you to buy their DVDs, with only 9 comments so far you can just tell how much people actually want to buy it. For limited time only $7.99 wow that's a bargain, it's just like not worth it as who wants to buy that trash.
Sorry but Ninja The Mission Force failed for me

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