Thursday, 7 February 2013

42nd Street Forever, Volume 1

This is the worst video he has done ever, I mean it's so bad im not even going to take a pic of the title card but just a print screen. Utterly bull, it's just him talking over trailers for movies that you get on a compilation DVD. I mean seriously that itself makes you not want to watch the video, how about we just watch jerrid watch an episode of Rob, oh wait we did.

We all know the real reason why he posted this video, why of course so he could tell us to buy his DVD's of ebay. Ebay seriously, you know they sell there because they aren't a real company so they can't have their products on amazon. Dear god people are actually bidding for them, may god have mercy on their souls.
I don't think anybody want's a signed autograph from you Brad, who do you think you are Ray Parks
The video is just not funny so god forgive me for giving you a link to it.

Video Link

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