Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Top 10 Cinema Snob Moments of 2012

I really didn't like this video as it was mostly just a clip show of his old video's with 2 minutes of new footage. It kinda reminds me of those Stargate save money episodes where they just sit around talking about previous episodes while barely showing anything new. I would say that my number 1 moment of 2012 would be when Brad got divorced and the 2nd would be when this blog was created, 3rd would be when Jerrid got kicked out of his house. Another one would be when Brad tried to extort money from his fans by making them pay $20 for the DVD of his movie without shipping which is really cruel.
After walking in on the boys playing poker she wanted a divorce
Basically this video is him saying a few lines, then showing you a clip from his previous video's. Not much to say here but does he have to frequently insult Jerrid or is it just a running gag he is trying to make, doesn't matter because it's not funny. Jerrid isn't funny either but I guess he tries, also dressing up as Jesus ain't cool as he can walk on water, turn water into wine, come back from the dead while Jerrid can't do anything but but be bald and fat. I though he would have mentioned Gross Out but most of the ones he did mention I would have to disagree with half of them. This video probably took him very quick to make so it may seem kinda lazy.

For the end of this let me just show you the Real brad Jones and his friends in those images I used before.

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