Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Team Snob Gift Exchange

Exchanging gifts with friends is really a joyous event, especially when the presents suck. They range from a batman yo-yo to terrible movies on DVD and that makes this event that much sadder. When Jake stuck on that hat it was kinda racist, did he do that to make sure the Asian demographic watches the show or was he pretending to be this guy.
Vietcong jungle fighter hardened by years of war
The batman yo-yo was kinda lame but so is this event, brad seems to be wearing that nestle crunch t shirt from a few video's back. What has he been wearing it ever since so he could gain money by advertising so he could eat, probably grease stains down it and sweat patches at the armpits.
Eating out of garbage bins again I see, what's for diner shit in a can, a couple of cockroaches or a barf bag with a few bits of meat that someone threw up. I would just like to mention that Jake's facial hair is really disgusting as it looks like a big ball of fur sticking out from his face.
Ugh gross and watch those chompers
Hmm the best party right here, lets see what we got. Potato chips and lots of alcohol, ok not the best choice of food but it's better than what's in that garbage bag. Possibly a bit to much alcohol, brad probably asked everyone to play poker and roofie roulette. You know brad's like that anyhow as that's what caused his divorce.

Most of his friends are here but wheres jerrid, what didn't he invite him or did the rest of the gang not want him to appear. And I thought brad was his friend, Jerrid is probably a party crasher but not the movie. Oh wait I remember, Jerrid was told to stay home and dress up in womens clothes just like in these nightmarish images.
Warning covers your child's eyes
Later on in the video at the end they are hitting each other with the Socker Boppers but that's not what we see in this image.Yea im pretty sure everyone had a blast playing poker, drinking the can's of beer that brad put the roofie's in and just playing around. More or less they are all just messing around having fun so not much to see here in this video but for those who are interested in his life outside of the cinema snob you should probably watch it.
Told you those gay vibes were real
Who invited ugly Ted Raimi to the party
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