Monday, 26 November 2012

You know what I want for Christmas since it's Cyber Monday

The Cinema Snob Movie NOT

It's that time of the year and you know what that means. Im making a list, checking it twice, not gonna buy anything naught or nice, Cinema Snob Movie is not coming to my town. Oh wow you know what I really want for Christmas, a shitty independent low budget film because that's what really adds a sparkle to my Christmas presents.

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, the cinema snob movie on DVD and then I smashed her head in for wasting $14.30 (Including Shipping) on a shitty independent film. You know what the worst part is, I wanted some Irate Gamer DVD's instead. Ugh but what can I do now but burn the DVD in my fire and hope it can at least do something useful than be an eyesore in my DVD collection. Im pretty sure im not gonna smell the DVD unlike those other weirdos so why not burn it.

But everyone hurry up as you can only get it today for $10 (Without shipping) or you'll have to pay $20 (Again without shipping) for it which is extortion and some others also have something to say about this. Don't worry because I'll add my own though on this.

ohe wrote:
$20 is extortion? Where do you get off telling people to get a life when you yourself clearly don't even have a job?
octo7 wrote:
I'm glad I got it for half the price of a moron like you who tries to quantify internet fandom. Get a life, loser. 20 bucks was an extortionate price for a self-distributed film with zero budget.
Pearse Hillock wrote:
Sweet Jesus $20 without shipping if your not ordering today, that's alot of money and just think about it. Were in the middle of a recession and your still gonna charge use $20 for it, then again what about those tax hikes that could come in. What a joke as there is much else you could buy with the money.
There are many other things you could buy with that money on Cyber Monday such as this Genuine Freshwater White Pearl Necklace Bracelet & Earring Set with 86% off costing you only $13.

A PNY Attache III 32 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive with 78% off costing you again only $13.

Apple Jacks Cereal 3 Pack, Umm tasty. Wouldn't you rather have this for only $14.

An 18" Sterling Silver Wishbone Pendant with 77% off costing you only $15, that looks like a really nice present so why wouldn't you want this.

It really sucks about these offers since im in the UK but anyway I hope I have convinced you to buy something else than the Cinema Snob movie. Thanks to amazon for providing these amazing gifts so get to it.


  1. You know I'm a big believer in our first amendment rights. You have the right to say just about anything you want to. Type away sir. However, what you don't have the right to do is use my copyrighted artwork on your little hate site. I'm a reasonable person though. I'll give you one day to remove "The Cinema Snob Movie" poster image from this page before I take this up the food chain. I suggest you be reasonable as well.

    1. So your gonna go to Burger King or something, I removed the poster and replaced it with my own so do you like it.

    2. David Gobble, if you want to take it down that road I might have to let it slip to someone in authority about the illegal DVD's Brad's company have been selling at Cons.

    3. If you're referring to the best of disc, that's not an official dvd, we can sell those just like the other people there who sell their items too. Now, if it were an official DVD and we sold them through our company, we'd get our asses handed to us, and not in the good way =)

  2. Sweet!! Free publicity!! Thanks Pearse! =)

  3. FUCK!! We totally should have put naked Snob on the poster! Also, spoiler alert, Mr. Bean's cameo is a surprise!

    1. That one's not a spoiler, that one's just a treat!

  4. Rip and post a torrent of the flick if you feel so strongly about this (which I bet you don't).

    Do it or remain forever a failure , you termagant troll. You want to fuck BJ in the butt.

    1. Why would anyone want to torrent it, that's even worse than buying it.