Friday, 30 November 2012

Son of Sleepaway Camp

This review was just meh so it wasn't all bad but could have been better so I will point some of that out and what he could have said or done. It could have been the movie that he reviewed or it could have just been his performance this but but overall I think it was a bit of both. First off let me start with I HATE THESE POPUPS.

Don't know who the hell this idiot is and I don't care

At 01:14 he mentions FernGully: The Last Rainforest so what did he have to meet his quota on others movies that other people in TGWTG's have reviewed. At 02:34 he starts to mention other movies that have son in them but those movies titles are not alternate titles and some of those are actual sequels to others movies and not only related because of the title which makes Brad wrong for mentioning them unless he though it was funny but it was just kinda stupid to do so. Let me start with Son of the Mask which is one of the worst movies that I have saw but at least it is a sequel although a standalone one which is more than I can say for Son of Sleepaway camp which is only related to the other movies by alternate title only. I could also say the same thing about Son of Godzilla which at least a Godzilla movie which makes it related to the other movies which again something I can't say about Son of Sleepaway camp.

At 04:48 he mentions something I don't know but he could have said Poochinski but he was probably like that after and then oh yea I could have said that but oh well I'll just mention it later on in the video because he probably that that people though he would mention it. At 06:35 he said insaneoman which doesn't bring up anything on Google but at first glance anyone would have said look it's Yor the Hunter from the Future. To further say that he should have mentioned this is the fact that he knows Spoony one so he should have known what he has done and then Yor would have sprung to mind but it didn't which was sad to hear as I was expecting him to say it.
Yors World
Around 07:54 there are snakes but he could have said Snakes why does it have to be Snakes, I hate Snakes which is from Indiana Jones which he should have mentioned but he didn't as that would have been better to say than what he said. Mentioning Eric Cartman from South Park around 09:04 wasn't funny and neither were many other jokes as he should improve on making jokes, not that all of them weren't funny though. At 09:40 Charles Bronson appears (Death Wish) not the criminal though but Brad should have said and "Charles Bronson opens the door" but he didn't, instead he made another lame joke but at least he say's Charles Bronson later on in the video but still he should have said it when he first appears. At 10:07 he said I should make a VCR joke but since he owns them he didn't but that doesn't mean you can't still make a joke as he should have so he should do in the future. At 11:57 he mentions he has a fetish of shitting on peoples backs, no wonder why he got divorced.
Honey can I shit on your back
At 15:38 he says that isn't the music from sleepaway camp and says that doesn't this music suit better but I don't remember that music from his Sleepaway camp reviews or is it from something else. At 16:18 he said wandering Tommy Wiseau so what did he have to meet his quota again from TGWTG's and he doesn't look like Tommy Wiseau in that part so just look at this image and see for yourself.

Not Tommy Wiseau
After he mentions that those guys find Jesus's resting place but that is on another continent, just for a joke I know but highly inaccurate and not funny. Around 17:07 there is no music and he mentions that but he should have inserted music himself like in his earlier reviews which is what he should have done here. At 17:24 the fat guy falls on a spike trap but Brad didn't say anything when he should have said he fell on a Vietnamese spike trap from Vietnam, you know the ones which have shit covered all over them so if you survive falling on them you will still be infected with some form of disease, no one.

Later he mentions that people can't find him although he is in plain sight but remember they don't know what he looks like and he is also a human which could make people  mistake him for a regular person. At 19:03 he says it has a bigger budget than any of the other sleepaway camps I guess, just remember it also has a bigger budget than the Cinema Snob Movie which just goes to show. At 20:39 the old guy stay's behind but he could have showed a clip of predator where a guy does the same in that and then that part of his review would have been funny or do I have to fix it for him.

Overall the review is ok but not great as he could have made it much better by doing some of the things mentioned in this article so take notice Brad and improve for next time. It doesn't mean that their isn't any funny moments but the bad outweighed the good. Also I would just like to state that this review was done weeks ago and only uploaded recently to have a update for the site, you can tell by the style of Brad's haircut in the video as it is totally different from his hair in Max Force claims The Cinema Snob is "Filth" which goes to show the time difference from when they were both filmed. Watch out for my next article when Brad puts up another review.

Just see the difference in his hair cut


  1. It was recorded the day before it was posted. My hair is different in the two videos because as the Snob, my hair is slicked back, but in the "filth" video, it looks like it normally does, which is parted down the middle and kinda combed off to the side.

    1. Oh right but it just seemed kinda weird that it was different as I thought your hair in your video's was the way it was in real life. What about those suggestions that I mentioned in this article, do you think that they could have helped or would they have just been out of place or not in the style.

    2. This is really really well written, but you have an extremely hard time understanding sarcasm, and a lot of your information is incorrect.

      The character has been written as a wise ass for 5 years, so when he says something like the movie joining the ranks of "son of godzilla" etc, it's because most movies with "son of" in the title is bad. And I know "Son of Sleepaway Camp" isn't an official title. I mentioned it several times in the video.

      And the joke about Jesus tomb. That is sarcasm. I know that Jesus tomb is not in memorial valley. Just like how I called the killer in this movie "Beware Children At Play," even though I don't literally think he is the movie Beware Children At Play. Or how I referred to the skull as Yorick, even though it isn't actually Yorick's skull from Hamlet. Don't take the things I say too seriously dude. It's just smartass remarks from a character. That's like if I criticized your joke about my divorce by saying "what, that doesn't make sense, because we didn't REALLY get divorced because of me shitting on her back."

      You didn't see this movie. When the killer is snuck up on by the RV, the people hunting him know what he looks like. And even if they didn't, a caveman messing with the gas line on someone's RV is probably the man they are looking for. When you assume I'm wrong just because you want me to be wrong, you yourself are probably wrong.

      Also, that music you couldn't recognize is the final music from the original Sleepaway Camp. So, no, given that no matter what I do you still won't like it, you genuinely don't get a majority of the sarcasm, take shit way way way too literal, and you're the classy type who keeps bringing up my divorce; no, I'm not taking any of your suggestions =) Good luck with your page though.

    3. Well I knew that you were being sarcastic at certain points, haven't saw sleepaway camp so I wouldn't have know if that music was from the movie or not but if you mention stuff in other video's you should have already mentioned them before so people know what your talking about but then again the people watching you video's should probably have saw the movies.

      I just brought up your divorce to make that joke but seriously do you actually have a fetish for shitting on peoples backs. You say it's a character but why can't you just be yourself and take it from there instead of acting.

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