Tuesday, 27 November 2012

People pretending to be me and trying to find out where I am

It's really sad for those people pretending to be me and then putting in their own responses to act like they are right. They are even more stupid when they post wrong information that they probably dug up by a Google search. Here's what he posted

Birdies wrote:
Guys guys, don't trash Pearse on the forums. You could try to get in touch with him at 028-9024-5133 or maybe stop by University Road, Belfast BT7 1NN, United Kingdom. I probably should have said hi to him when I was over at the MacDonald Hill Valley Golf & Spa.
This is just a fraction of what we've found. Don't worry, we'll post more.
Let me just correct this 028-9024-5133 is not my Phone number and saying that maybe you could stop by University Road, Belfast BT7 1NN is also wrong because I have never attended a University before or even lived in that location which shows that they are even more stupid. Hey Birdies good luck on finding out more information about me, hope you aren't this guy though.

Another person even said

MegN wrote:
I want more! You don't fuck with the fans.
Oh im really scared now, gonna have trouble sleeping from now on. Remember because you can't mess with Cinema Snob's fans because Brad Jones is like a God to them, so they mean he is like Apophis from Stargate posing as a false god.

People even replied back to them saying that there search was quite useless but see that post for yourself.

grmpf wrote:
Well, that was quite useless. All you did was post the phone number and address of the University of Belfast. Among the 25,000 students and 3,900 employees, I'm sure the rabid fans will get him in a heartbeat.
Btw, are you sure cyberstalking some douchebag and linking to your online service business (something that requires users to trust in its owner respecting their privacy) at the same time is a good idea?
octo7 also had something to say and it is true seeing as I grew up in Belfast and live there so I can confirm that you idiots wouldn't last a few minutes. 

octo7 wrote:
Go to University Road Belfast and see how long you last lol ;. I used to live in Belfast, they shoot people in the knees there for fun, a prissy little internet nerd like you wouldn't last five minutes in that city.
He also said after that he's starting to regret paying half price for the DVD as who wouldn't after reading my previous post where you could buy something so much better for slightly more or around the same price.

octo7 wrote:
In all honesty I'm starting to regret even paying half price for mine now.
In the end we all know who was pretending to be me, Brad Jones himself and his multi personality disorder posting as multiple people actually talking to himself. Anyhow see you again next time Cinema Snob Sucks Fans and Cinema Snob fans as seen below.

Warning snob fans are of a disgusting nature


  1. That's...kinda weird. The hell did that phone number and address come from?

  2. Doesn't matter, I took the post down.

  3. Also, as for those fake comments, they all come up under your ip address, Pearse, so either you are writing those on my page, or someone has hacked into my comments section.

    1. Yea it seems that people are hacking the comments section on your site as my posts have been rewritten and people are still pretending to be me. Really sad, they just enter this blog link as their website and pretend to be me so it seems that you have something worse on your hands.