Thursday, 29 November 2012

Drunk El Topo Chico & Friends, Plus New Video

The video was kinda funny so it wasn't all bad but I will just point out some things. First off I would just like to say that I hate those popups of people from TGWTG's group as I really don't like them and are annoying when appearing while you are watching the video. Here is a pic to show you.

God I hate that guy
About El Topo Chico's costume, he looks like a cross between Tony Soprano because of the white bathrobe and Rey Mysterio due to the Mexican wrestling mask.

The way he talks sounds like Mr krabs from spongebob squarepants or the Bum from the Nostalgia critic so that's not a bad thing. When they are all drinking it doesn't seem like they want to drink the drinks like who would but they should actually chug the drinks for the video as Ed Glaser just sipped the bottle which was kinda lame. Adding audio over when he is walking past the crowd as seen below was not really that funny as it would have been more funny to have seen the crowds reaction to him as he walked by.

Watch out when drinking drinks from mexico as by not reading the label you could mistakenly be drinking Mexican deep throat. When brad said I was expecting way worse and farted into a tequila bottle I though he was going to say Mexican deep throat as that would have been funny as he mentioned that in one of his brad tries videos. El Topo Chico say pretty white lady but that sounds more like it would come from a native american than a Mexican so did they get mixed up.

I really don't like this creepy comment as it could give anyone nightmares.

Anonymous wrote:

Please tell me there is a part 2 that is nothing but El Topo Chico fucking Ed Glaser.
And now everyone barfs into the nearest bin after reading that comment. Nobody wants to see part 2 even if it is on the premium section of the site. At the halfway mark it says El Topo Chico will be right back but they was no mid video as which I though would appear but Cinema Snob doesn't do that with his video's which is a good thing unlike the Nostalgia critic who stopped doing episodes which made alot of people PO but that's unrelated to this blog.

El topo tries to steal Ninja the mission force DVD's but who the hell would want that piece of crap because I watched it all and it was bad, like Nukie bad. I know they tried doing something different but I didn't like it as it didn't work for me as it wasn't funny.

Stealing DVD's, oh El Topo
At the end El Topo mentions an orgy, because Mexicans always do orgy's? Some people may think El Topo to be a bit racist or discrimination to Mexicans but not as much as Irate Gamer on his road trip bloopers. Go to 2:12 and watch from there.

This was from the horror hound weekend which was over a week ago but we all know that Brad loves to keep videos from us so he can update every once in a while which has both good and bad aspects of it like when he put up a Bruno Mattei Show episode that was recorder over a year before he uploaded it. Well that's all for today but I will leave you with this, I told you about those homo vibes.

I also did another video so check that out if your interested.


  1. Pearse Hillock, you have issues....unless this is just trolling.

    BTW, you may be related to Matt Hillock of the Phone Show; their URL is .

    Matt is the consistently drunk one.

  2. Just because we have the same last name, do you know how much people on the planet share the same first and last names. Well isn't anyone open to criticism unless your all a bunch of Nazi's who don't allow that. Not trolling though.